Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zola Coconut Water Review

Last week I got some amazing product from Zola Acai in the mail to review. I wrapped my first review up about their Acai drink that you can read here and hear about the entirity of the review here

Today I'm reviewing 2 products: Coconut Water with and without pulp.

The Coconut water from Zola is one of the best I've ever had. It was flavorful, it was light, and there was a good portion of it in there 17.5 oz cans. I liked that I could break down the large amount in smaller amounts for me because drinking my calories is something I have to watch out for as a WLS patient post gastric bypass. I chose to break them up into 3 servings each and put them into tupperware in the fridge.

I like coconut water rarely, and this product changed my view. I made sure I drank it super cold and it was refreshing! I would definitely recommend it. Yes, it is a pricier product than some coconut waters out there on the market but you are getting what you pay for at Zola (check out their site at

Both waters were well mixed, I shook it up just before drinking each time to make sure just in case. I tried without pulp first. Loved it! I definitely could see me utilizing this in a smoothie, a cake, or other baking that I could swap out ingredients for; I also love how refreshing it was as I drank one of my servings coming home after a lovely day at the apartement pool sun bathing and swimming.

I was more skeptical about pulp. I don't like pulp in my OJ so why would I like pulp in my coconut water. I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced the pulp water was and that it enhanced the flavor of the coconut even more. I really liked it and would even buy it again!!!

Thank you so much to Zola for letting me review their product and experience some great tasting coconut water! I loved it and will be buying from you soon.

Nutrional Facts Below:

Nutrional Guide for With Pulp

Nutrional Guide for Without Pulp


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