About Me

Hi, I'm Melissa but everyone that knows me calls me Lissa. I don't think of myself as a Melissa, I really think of my true personality as Lissa. I'm a 30 something, married women who dares to be her own "martha stewart" and is a sucker for DIY projects, loves all things teeny bopper, enjoys social media, an avid MTV watcher (even at 31 almost 32), and I work in Higher Education at my Alma Mater TCU - GO FROGS!

I have a lot of faces and I love them all. I equate faces to sides of myself and to get to know me is a process. So since this is about learning a little about me here is my stab at it:

I'm from Baltimore, MD but live in Fort Worth, TX. Texas is home to me and I fell in love with it when I came to TCU in 1999.

My top 5 strengths from Strengths Quest are Learner, Belief, Input, Ideation, and Significance.

I love purple...LOVE IT! My mom says I was destined to come to TCU since my nursery was lined in lavender and purple.

I love to craft-scrapbook-make things with my hands- bake - cook - and try to invent recipes!

I adore my husband and am waiting for the day that we get a fur baby (hopefully soon).

I'm an AOII and very proud to be a panda! 

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