Friday, July 19, 2013

Zola Acai Juice Review

I have the great opportunity to review products from Zola! I'm super excited about it so I thought I would share the before I tried it benefits of Zola and the products that I'll be reviewing.

Zola Acai Berry Original Juice is really a hit on my taste buds. I love the flavor of Acai Berry and I love all the great antioxidants it provides. For the 8 oz bottle here are the nutrional stats below:

I usually don't drink juice straight up since due to sugar and the possibility of dumping, but I was surprised at the 125 calories for the bottle and I loved the taste, the texture, and the sweetness that wasn't too sweet! It was a great size bottle for me and I drank it over the course of my morning.
I enjoyed that it was 93% juice, has antioxidants, and omegas in the bottle as well. Gluten free and no addes sugar alongisde USDA Organic. Definitely a plus if I am going to "drink my calories!"
The price on a drink like this for me is high. You can order off their website at and order in cases of 12. For Acai the case is 30.57 which makes each bottle around 2.50 before tax.
I liked the product. It was great cold, but I personally would utilize it as a treat rather than an every day or week item. Thank you to Zola for letting me try this product. I will be putting you on my treat list.

*Please note this review are my thoughts and all thoughts were given freely. I was not paid for this review.*

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