Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zola "Fruits of the World" Review Part One

I have the great opportunity to review 3 products from Zola! I'm super excited about it so I thought I would share the before I tried it benefits of Zola and the products that I'll be reviewing.

Zola Acai Berry Original Juice is really a hit on my taste buds. I love the flavor of Acai Berry and I love all the great antioxidants it provides. For the 8 oz bottle here are the nutrional stats below:

I will also be able to try two types of cocounut waters!!! I <3 a="" href="" target="_blank">cocounut water
and the benefits it shares especially the boost of energy! Both products sound promising just from reading the ingredients, benefits, and nutritonal values alone. I couldn't ever drink this straight with my RNY little pouch, but I could and will break it down over the day or days. I'm really pumped that is ALL NATURAL and that it is NOT carbonated.
One of my favorite things bout the packaging is this pick below:
Yep Crack that Cocunut by popping that aluminum tab! Hilaroius :-)


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