Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Without Carbs

It's been a little over 2 weeks since my new life my new eating style began, but I have to admit *head hung down in shame* that...

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I'm carb craving right now and despite the cravings I've been doing pretty well. There was that incident with the cake incident you can read about it here  and I will freely admit that I had a few or 10 little bites of the cake last night....but tonight goodbye cake. It is going out unfinished in the trash. I've been staying on target with protein at every meal, snack, and before bed. I've been good with eating my eggs and protein in the morning or having a shake. I've been balancing all carbs of any type to be whole wheat or whole grain and to eat with a protein. Yes, I've been tempted. Yes, I've wanted carbs. Yes, I've wanted sweets....but I can't say completely no just yet. I'm trying, but not happening I will have a bite here or there - I have a huge sweet tooth no lie!
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So what does this mean? I'm human. I'm trying. I'm retraining my brain, but in the reality of all this I am so excited that I am doing so well. I didn't think I could make this transition, but I have and that makes me feel good. I'm feeling good overall. I'm not bloated anymore - carb free helps. I'm not sluggish anymore. My sugars are normal and staying at a normal zone = hooray!!!!! I feel more level all around and I feel like my body is slowly feeling more normal again. I'm not shaky, fearful of a drop, and I'm sleeping better.
I'll be honest I haven't weighed myself. One of the biggest concerns was that I was gaining weight with all this RH nonsense - and I know from my doc and nutritionist that my body will level out. I'm being active again so I'm not just eating calories and being static, but I wonder. That little part of my brain that SHOUTS weigh me....weigh really weight me now. But I've ignored it since in that week of hospitals and doctors I saw the scale go up and up...I'm not weighing, but I'm seeing my clothes fit a little better and I feel good. So right now I'm riding that wave of feeling ok and I don't have to weigh.
Ironically today I had this revelation as I was walking towards the elevator at work. I stood there in my black slacks and new pink sweater turtleneck that clings to me without my slimpressions garment underneath so I was extra skinny and the flab doesn't shake - I realized looking in that mirrored door that I'm me. I'm happy that I'm in real clothing sizes and that my XL sweater clings nicely and doesn't show a belly like I used to have, my butt fits nice in my size 16 P pants, and I'm ok with it....that is a HUGE revelation that I'm ok with this body right now in this moment. It could pass, but I think that is a positive ending to my blog today :-) 

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