Friday, December 14, 2012

Frankly Friday: When Life Throws Lemons At You

Yes, you read that correctly I feel like life has been throwing no pelting...lemons at me this week. I'm not a negative person, I don't like to harp on the negative because there really isn't any point to, but I'm at my Friday and I'm like c'mon more lemons.

Let's recap to purge my brain from worrying and negative thoughts.

Sunday - car broken into, hubs ipad stolen, window and windshield damage
Monday - I voluntarily took an 0 on a paper for my grad class after doing it, turning it in, having the professor loose it, and then having the issues with the car and things missing on sunday - yeah that blew
Tuesday - hubs got sick and diagnosed with the crud (sounds like bronchitus) and a zpak
Wednesday - carpel tunnel flares in my left hand - hubs looks like death warmed over and super sick oh and had to take a final
Thursday - my RH goes out of control and I end up in the toilet paper aisle in Walmart using my glucagon pen - a trip for 5 things takes 2 hours
Friday - its raining...not that its bad, but a bad wrist, gloomy day, and i hate driving in the rain - REALLY!!!?!?!?!??!?! (looks to the sky) after waking up this morning at 4:30 am with a sugar drop, anxiety attack, don't fall asleep till 6 am get up go to work and stuff my mouth with protein all day.

Yes - this has not been the best week. But atleast there is a bright side - ready - one more week of work and then I get paid time off till Jan 2nd! I'm off to Austin in Jan for a conference, we are off to austin for a friends wedding...and darnit i'm going to have a good holiday.

Frankly Friday I'm over you.....and this week. C'mon 5 pm!


  1. Oh man! Def sounds like a super sucky week! Hope next week is better for you and that your vacation is awesome!

  2. Oh, weeks like that send me to one place....MY KNEES! Hope things get moving up for ya!

  3. #1 sorry this took me so long to read/comment!
    #2 GIRL, how are you NOW this wednesday? is this week any better?
    I absolutely LOATHE weeks like that, and you know what, i'm proud of you for even writing about it/venting...that is progress right there!

  4. Ladies thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it. I'm feeling much better this week and I've worked on changing my perception of the lemons. I wrote about it today