Thursday, October 4, 2012

WLS & the Hubs

I got asked the other day how my WLS has impacted my husband. I had thought about it, but never really sat down and thought about it and when I did I was really surprised at how much it has impacted him. Overall the WLS impacted me much more significantly (in my own words) but I think there is a fair amount of impact that Justin has had in his own life just from the huge change I made. So in natural type A fashion I came up with a list (this was made in between advising appointments this morning to keep me sane).

How WLS has impacted my super cute husband?

* Justin has lost weight. This is a pretty typical reaction with spouses as so I have read after having WLS, but Justin didn't do this just overnight. I'm very proud of him for losing 45 lbs. Go hubs!

* Ice cream - Just loves loves loves ice cream and ice cream is a trigger food for me. I know I can't have it and if I ever do cheat a spoonful is all I do need - trust me I've dumped on it - so ice cream has been banned from the house in the freezer. This was at first cruel to him and I would let him get ice cream at any chance when we were out, now it is a little easier, but still we stick to no ice cream 98% of the time. He has been gracious and has understood the predicament and the trigger food. So I love him for putting up with my no ice cream rule.

* Snacking - I'm proud to say that Justin is a protein snacker! He is more likely to grab some lunch meat and cheese and sometimes a banana rather than pure junk. He does like his candy and we keep it in small bunches (but they are hidden from me) because I don't want that on my concious. As for soda - that is his domain and I'm not even tempted with that!

* Mobility - Since I am more mobile WE are more mobile. He will go walking with me, exercise when we can, and we can just be more active. That is the best thing is that I also can keep up with his long legs. No more huffing and puffing for me with 3 steps to his 1 step! I can keep up with him lots!

* Dumping/Throw Up - I know this is TMI but this is something that we both deal with. I can dump. Read about dumping here if you haven't heard of it before, but essentially it means I can throw up. I know gross right? We avoid this at all cost, but here are two benefits from the hubs 1) he got used to the foamies and dumping pretty quickly and 2) my throw up has no bile in it and doesn't smell so it is literally chunks of food and essentially doesn't gross him out. He is excellent in keeping me calm, we always travel with a roll of paper towels, and is very gracious to help me recover.

* Knowing what I eat - some spouses might not get involved in knowing what their post op will eat, but hubs has been excellent in this category. It has impacted where we eat, what we can eat out, how we shop, what we shop for, and he knows me well enough and what my pouch can and can't handle. He does cook quite a bit and is able to make things more protein friendly or heavy to accomodate me. He also doesn't force me to go to places where I can't eat!

* Consuming alcohol - post surgery this is a no no, lucky for me we are both not big drinkers prior to surgery so this wasn't a big deal, but it can be a bummer to be out with people who consume at a bar location because it is awkward, but alas part of my new life.

Overall these are just some of the things that hubs has had to adapt to. That doesn't include things like emotional assistance in growing, dealing with my fear of numbers, reminding me not to weigh to often, allowing me to shop and letting me enjoy it, learning to support me in trying new things, encouraging me when I get down on myself, offering suggestions with my new RH condition, keeping positive when I can't any more, encourage me to try just one more time, reminding me of how far I come and where I used to be and oh did I mention he can regurgitate my surgeons speeches to me! Love it.

He has also had the opportunity to go from caretaker to husband. In the beginning of our relationship and our marriage I was very very ill. No really I can't imagine being that sick again. Hubs did alot for me and for us because I physically couldn't that included cooking dinner, running steps, carrying laundry, moving boxes heck moving things in general. Now he doesn't even flinch when I carry in groceries, run steps, do laundry, and helped us move, but it wasn't always like that. His role in our relationship has grown as I've gotten better. Maybe one day I'll get him to guest blog and tell you his side!


  1. You should probably let him write a post in his own words - would give the full perspective even more.

    1. I totally talked to him about this last night...he is very shy so he said "he'll think about it" but he saw me little or not so little hint in the blog. I think it would be great to share his perspective too!

  2. I love it!! I didn't think about how much it affects our hubbies either,until I read this!! I don't even remember what our relationship was like before now. It was just so so different!! We sure are lucky to have amazing husbands!!

    1. Sam,

      I think we are so both lucky too! I know that before WLS and after WLS he loved ME not my waist line and for that I'm forever grateful...its about love not looks. We have good guys ;-)