Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lissa's Sunday Confessions #2

1. Baking is how I relieve in general, but baking more specifically. I like that baking requires you to clear your mind, focus on the task at hand, and pay attention to what is in the oven and around you - the smell, the taste, the texture. Baking is just one of my favorite things. Now that I have Miss Molly - my sassy, red, and shiny kitchen aid mixer, baking is even more fun.

2. Before I had WLS (weight loss surgery) I spent a ton of money on medication. Now I'm post WLS (21 almost 22 months out) and I spend more money on vitamins and supplements than any medication I take! Ironic I do think so.

3. I'm obsessed with tea. I'm usually a coffee drinker especially in the fall, but lately all I've wanted is a really good cup of tea with milk and sweetener. Who knew I was turning in to my mother after all these years...but don't worry I don't leave coffee out of the equation, I'm just going towards tea more these days.

4. I confess that I hate that I'm always listed as the "creative" one of my friends and co-workers, but I secretly like that I am because they keep me around! I get fun projects and it allows me to stretch my creative side when people say "hey lissa...can you do?"

5. I've lived in 5 states and claim the state where I went to college to be home - Texas got in my soul and I'm so glad that I get to live and work here, though I do miss a good crab cake from back in Maryland.

What I wouldn't want to confess:

1. The heaviest weight I ever weighed in at - EVER ( I don't think my husband even knows this)

2. My true feelings for people that bullied me in middle and high school

3. The true strong dislike I have for others that make fun of obese, overweight, and heavy people

4. What I really want to do when I grow least not yet


  1. This is fun! I love cooking to relax me too! There's just something peaceful about it plus my husband is always satisfied. I'm hoping when I get the house, I can get a Molly too :)

    1. Sam,

      if you could get a molly what color would you get?

  2. You should not make fun of anyone, whether its for being too big too small too freckly or just different. But don't let them bring you down. I heard a great quote last week - "I don't have time to hate the people that hate me because I am too busy loving the people that love me".

    Don't bother filling your life with with dislike or thinking about high school bullies..just think about your happiness and loving yourself for who you are!

    Sorry that may have come across a little preachy! I just found you on the linkup and wanted to share because I was bullied and school and I know it sucks to hold on to those feelings.

    1. Erin, thanks so much for that! I've far since moved on from the bullies of high school and that is why I would never admit it...because it is old news, but tragic old news...something that though it isn't something I dwell on it still wells up especially when I see the amount of obesity teasing that happens.

      Thank you for stopping by and for taking time to comment!

  3. I wish baking/cooking was a way for me to relieve stress. Instead, it usually just causes stress.
    And what is it about college that prompts us to call that state our "home?" I do the same thing with Nebraska. Granted we live here, now, but I've pretty much claimed it.

    1. Alyx,

      you live in NE?!?!?!? small world. I was working at a college in NE when I met my husband...I don't think we would move back there, but NE holds a special place in our hearts.

      Where did you go to school?