Sunday, July 7, 2013

Squats in the Pool

I love the water. I love working out in the water and when it is available to me I take it. This week I've worked out a few times in my apt pool and feel great! As I've been working out I've been incorporating my July Squat challenge into my work out. This morning I thought I would explore squats in the pool and different ways to do them. I will be trying some of these out in the weeks to come. Right now I'm continuing the standard squat to get used to the motion and to get used the exercise, but if you read my last post on my facebook page I've been looking at different squats to do in August. I found this great link from fitsugar to inspire me check it out here

I'm a beginner and when you begin something the most important thing I've learned from my workout journey is to build up. I don't want to hurt myself. I don't want to feel too much pain and be too sore. I want to keep going and feel confident. I also want to get my form right. So below you will see a picture of a standard squat without weights. Working out in the pool I learned you can take this squat with you (just make sure you are in shallow water) and the resistance is great. You are not only completing the squat but you are getting extra resistance with the water and your own weight. I am on day 7 of 31 and doing well so far!

Standard on-land Squat

Doing some research on water aerobic squats this morning I found some really neat pictures and tutorials to add these into a work out. I thought I would share them with you all. Now know this I don't have perfect form, I'm not that limber, but doing squats in the pool have been a good way to change things up. I think with other types than the standard squat can also be done in the pool as well. Definitely looking at adding the resistance bands or pool noodle to my work out for the August Squat Challenge ( you can see the plan I want to do at this link

Sit back standard squat
add resistance with resistance bands in the pool

add resistance to standard squat with a pool noodle!

For more info on Squats in the water I also found they are great for weight loss! According to this site

"Water squats is an easy aqua exercise for weight loss. To do water squats, get into the pool and stand by keeping at least 3 feet distance between your legs, put hands on your waist and start squatting. However, maintain straight back posture and make sure that your knees do not cross the line of your toes. Now, as you squat, you need to lift up your arms above the shoulders and then bring them down gradually. You need to perform 3 sets of 16 squats per sets. Once you learn the basic way of squat exercises, you can easily try a few variations in it. For example, you can use dumbbells. This way you can easily bring variety in this exercise for the abs."


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  1. my wife and I are using water to workout, it feels great. I love the constant resistance of the water. I will continue to workout in the water as long as I'm alive