Friday, July 5, 2013

July Squat Challenge

If you head over to my facebook page I'm working on being more accountable with my vitamins and getting into shape the way I'm supposed to be - because I'M important! So I picked up the July Squat Challenge.

On July 1st I posted "I'm going through the Squat Challenge insipired by Cyndi Jochum from last month! Each day equals the number of squats that you do! So today was 1:1. Tomorrow 2:2.The first week I'm doing san weights but am planning to start using my hand held 2 lb weights next week!

Per the 30 day lifestyle challenge they posted "Just created a Instagram profile so everyone can post their photos there ‎#30daylifestylechallenge . Remember this is more than a fitness challenge, it's about changing your lifestyle "

Cyndi inspires me in so many ways! I met her at the OAC conference in Dallas last year and she like me is post WLS! She is super active, a go getter, and an amazing business woman. If you have heard about the "wrap thing" this is the woman to learn from or try one out! Check her out through the link above on her name.

Last month she did a squat challenge and I thought to myself - hey I can do that. So I found the link above and decided for the month of July I'll be squatting into fitness. I'm keeping tabs at my facebook page, but am excited to say that I've been doing it for 5 days straight and feeling good. I am learning that squatting isn't as easy as it looks and I shouldn't of pre-judged it, so learning is part of this!

Now some of the typical squat challenges I've listed below, but I know with my body and my time that I couldn't just jump into something like 20 to 50 squats per day to start off so I learned to modify. One of my friends suggested that I do the 1:1 method - day 1 = 1 day 2 = 2 and so on. For me to increase the intensity I'm going to add my hand weights next week and continue the 1:1 ratio. I hope to be able to increase to more squats in August; anyone want to join me?

30-Day Squat Challenge


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  1. This 30 day squat challenge is really hard so I think you did the right thing to slow down!