Monday, July 8, 2013


Working out takes discipline and thought I have plenty of discipline...I really don't when it comes to working out. I'm being honest. It isn't something that I totally enjoy, but embracing a lifestyle and wanting to hit a goal makes me want to embrace this workout craze!

This past week I accomplished all my squats each day. Go me! We are one week a way from a habit forming = strength training is the end game that is consistent. I also hit the pool and swam, did some pool workouts, and tanned (ok the tanning wasn't the workout but a nice reward).

Here are the workouts I did in the pool:
1) Squats
2) Side Leg Lifts
3) Front Leg Lifts
4) Back Leg Lifts
5) Side Leg Lifts (ballet style toes pointed and hips turned out)
6) Push Ups
7) Tricep
8) Swim laps
9) Swim laps - backstroke
10) Marching across pool
11) Marching turning (obliques)
12 = Lay Out Time!!!!

I am definitely feeling my muscles working and I'm definitely knowing that I'm working out. Sometimes I don't feel like I get a "workout" when I just walk even though mentally I do know I am - but working out in the water has been a good thing for me. It motivates me!

Today is my off day and I'm heading to the gym to pay my bill and lay on their water aqua massage beds. My back has been killing me - I've either pulled a muscle or need an adjustment, can't figure out which but it is woken me up both nights and the area it is in is also around my core and its impacting my pouch. My pouch has to be happy!

I would love to be able to work myself up to double leg lifts (as seen below!)

Double Leg Lift

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