Sunday, June 30, 2013

No more Google Reader...I'm a Bloglovin'

Thank you to my blogger buddy AunieSauce because she made me realize - oops I hadn't posted about this at all so direct from her amazing blog here is how to make the switch with following:

"I'm not sure how you read my blog, but if you're an RSS person, you most likely have heard that as of July 1, Google is discontinuing my old favorite, Google Reader. After hearing the news, I switched all the blogs I follow over to Bloglovin'. I love it because you can see the blog's layout while you read their posts and you can leave a comment directly on their post from that screen.

If you're joining me and making the switch, click here to import your RSS blog queue to Bloglovin'. Click "Google Reader" (or your RSS method), then "Import from Google Reader," select your account, click "Accept," and you're all set. I switched all mine over manually when I did it, and wish I would have known about this neat little trick!"


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  1. I just saw they had an app for the Android! Awesome, as I read most my blogs on my phone and/or tablet! Thanks for the idea!