Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zombieland Survival Tips #32 : Enjoy the Little Things

I've noticed since we have no internet or cable at home that I've been spending alot more down time and intentional time with my husband. Ironically this is how our marraige started off with the exception that we lived in Omaha, had no AC in our little dinky apartment, and we both didn't have jobs at that point, but what I remember about that summer...was the little things were the best.

One night this week we were working through our extensive DVD collection and watched Zombieland. It's a movie that makes me laugh and one of the tag lines caught me "Zombieland Survival Tips #32 : Enjoy the Little Things" I have been saying this alot lately because a) I'm totally a signifigant cutesy type person and b) it really resonated with the crap that we seem to be going through in our personal life. At one time or another in the last month or so we've talked about our most happy times and we go back to that little apartment in Omaha and the summer we fell in love and got married!

Life isn't peachy right now...but in the last 24 hours we've gotten some really good news as news goes. First we aren't moving. I think moving will be the worst thing we could do right now even if it is to save money. It will cause unneeded change that isn't ideal for our family so with a $20 increase in rent - we are staying. That took a huge burden off our plate. Yesterday we found out that after an appeal Justin will get unemployment witch will patch the loss of income until something else is found...that makes me feel RELIEVED. So its back to the little things of making special moments and being intentional.

Getting back to basics are important..and you usually see me talk about that in reference to my weight loss and my WLS - but getting back to basics in my relationship with my husband has been something that I have needed to do - we needed to do. Its been a very rocky and hard 6 months and it always seems that June = doom and gloom but I'm determined to make it better, to do better, to be better and that takes time and effort.

Zombieland Survival Tips #32 : Enjoy the Little Things

How am I doing this? Well this year I'm going back that last 3 anniversaries to remember what we did to celebrate those moments and to also embrace our past to put our feet firmly in the ground for the future.

Anniversary #1 - Paper
Anniversary #2 - China / Cotton
Anniversary #3 - Leather / Crystal or Glass
Anniversary #4 - Fruit or Flowers / Appliance

For Anniversary #1 - Hubs had promised me in 2010 to take me to a museum to see "old paper" and so in 2013 (year 4) we finally ventured to the Kimble one of my very favorite and famous museums that is FREE in Fort Worth. I had a great time visiting with him and sharing a special place in my life as a collegian too. I love the Kimble and their great collection of 17th century art! Yay to exposure to art that I love in a small dose.

I've got plans for Anniversary #2 = We are going to eat Chinese food together! I'm introducing him to P.F. Changs (which I <3 and="" big="" dish="" eat="" has="" he="" it="" ll="" one="" p="" still="" the="" time="">
Anniversary #3 is a craft project that is a surprise for him - so I'll report back on that soon.

Anniversary #4 was a hard one, but I've decided on this. Dinner at Milano's - a great Fort Worth Italian tradition that is super yummy and off to eat frozen yogurt (add fruit) and it comes out of an appliance! Voila' there is number 4.

One of the things that does take the little things to heart is our love box. I heard about this a while ago and I started one the first year of our marriage. We have put things into the box for the last 4 years and I think it will be a super special time on our 4th anniversary to take a walk through the good times, the little times, the small things that were BIG for us and that are our keepsakes. I'm excited to sit down on our 4th wedding anniversary and celebrate the love we have through good times and bad times richer and poorer and make an impact on today.


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