Monday, April 1, 2013

"This is an anomaly I've not seen"

I have always said I wanted a JAMA article written about me - that is an article in the Journal of American Medical Association (because I'm never an easy or normal patient). Today I had my bariatric follow up from seeing my new doc and wanted to see some progression since my RH has been out of control and some things just aren't right. I was terrified - beyond scared- so much so I had xanax in my system at weigh in and my bp was 123/103 = serious anxiety.

I don't know what I weigh until I get weighed. This for many reasons is I am compulsive and obsessive about numbers and having a scale doesn't work for me, but I thought with my eating habits, my reset, my exercise, and all of that combined there was no way I was heavier. I was wrong. I gained weight.

By the time he came into my room I was in tears. What am I doing wrong? What is my body doing wrong? What is going on???? We went through another extensive work up. Vitamins and medicines = check. Good absorption levels were good. Faster blood results I have ever gotten on that many tubes of blood - less than an hour! Food is under control, calorie control, and portions are good. We talked about emotional eating. I do little of it - but recognize it. We talked about water intake - I'm doing 84 oz atleast with my exercise. No issue there and this isn't water weight. Talked about over all health...seems to be ok except for this sugar.

So we start to dig. I talked about coming off the nasonex and continuing bloody noses. This is a red flag for low sugar and danger. He is super concerned, I am concerned...more questions. We sit there and go over my history, call the dietitian, look over my records - call Vanderbilt talk to Dr. Clement - go over the notes. At this point he has moved patients times around and I'm still with him its been an hour and I've gotten blood work back and looking. I then throw out the smoking gun as we were looking into RH factors like removing my pancreas - what about my PCOS?

Well good question what about my PCOS? I haven't had a huge work up since before surgery. Everyone thought it had gone away - no cysts, can get my period on my own, i'm on birth control (to not have children right now) but what about the hormone factor? Yes, my hirituism is still there - but that isn't going to go away but lessened oh heck yeah at least by 75% - but the PCOS could be a factor. This inspires Dr. C to go and start calling specialized endocrinologists and scares me. He tracked down doctor's cells and wants me in to see someone asap because this is no bueno.

I'm an anomaly - yep me. I should be losing not gaining at this point. I shouldn't be able to feel full on liquid diet. I shouldn't be having RH and the drops like I have. I should not have sugar drops in the middle of the night to where I wake up. Dr. C states ""This is an anomaly I've not seen".

So now what? I wait for an appt. I'm going to need more specialized blood work. I'm scared. I'm terrified actually and how do I continue to live. So we are merging dietary guidelines again - liquids in the high protein category and yogurts with fruits during the day to keep the sugars level. Eat a veggie and protein meal and night and snack on carrots etc in the afternoon but focus on liquids till we figure this out. Keep to eating right before bed to keep away the low sugar. Fingers crossed....what are they going to find.

Maybe I will get a JAMA article after all....

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