Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 3 Reset in Review

Day 3 has allowed me to reflect and provide myself grace. My sugars were great! I started adding in soft foods like yogurts with some fruits and I did eat a protein bar last night before bed (as my sugars are so delicate at night. Overall with all said and done I made my calorie range of 1200 ( i was under by 200 calories once my exercise went in for the day and I'm feeling good.)

Yesterday I worked out again at lunch. I was sore and yet I continued. I didn't push as hard as I did on Day 1 with running etc, but I got in 1.23 miles and minus warm up and cool down that was interval jog and walk. I'm proud of myself for keeping it up and for feeling energized and yet sleepy all at the same time. I'll be continuing walking today for Day 4 - but I'll keep to walking as I am really sore and don't want to hurt myself.

Overall I felt confident in my eating and portion sizes. I felt confident in my protein intake. I felt really good in getting in my liquids, and managing my work out. Last night I came home and crashed and slept most of the night - I was listening to my body and allowing my body know that I will take care of myself. This is something new really listening to my body overall. It is a good thing!


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