Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Resets aren't Perfect and Either am I

Yesterday was going great - stayed on my liquids and smoothies all day and was feeling full. Had an amazing work out at lunch (I walked/jogged my first mile ever in my life) and I was headed for success, then life happened.

I was in a place where I couldn't make shakes or have food. I was doomed. My sugar had been perfect all day but with no intake and just liquids I physically got hungry. I had to eat and yes I confess I ate what I was given a few chicken nuggets and fries, but I didn't pass out especially after a 12 hour day. I felt like a failure, I cried on the way home. I shouldn't .... I shouldn't.....I was a mess, but here is what I realized.

I realized (thanks to my husband) I had to eat an I ha to listen to my body. The reset isn't about the liquid diet it is about the basics, thinking doing....being mindful. I had to fuel my body because without fuel I wouldn't be doing my body good. I decided this morning that I won't beat myself up. I made a concious decision to take care of me and that is what this journey is about. So step 1 - no more beating up. Step 2 - celebrate the wins.

My wins this week so far:
great calorie count
great choices for lower cal options
great workouts
great meal planning
great mindfulness of how much goes into my pouch
great feeling of throwing the bad carbs and sugars out - and how I feel
becoming a sweat pink ambassador
jogging and walking a mile!

I have to give myself grace. I have to not be afraid of the scale, and work towards the healthy reset of life. I can do this!

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