Thursday, March 21, 2013

13 things left on my 31 things to do in my 31 year

Aunie has begun a 13 things Thursday which is super fun you can read this weeks entry here

So here are 13 things and my plan to get them done (if they are crossed off I've completed them already and I still have 5 months to go!

The plan for my top 13 left of the 31 things to do in my 31 year

Read 31 books (finished #31 today)
Ride a roller-coaster - Fourth of July we are going to Six Flags and a Water park with Justin's BF family I will concur the roller-coaster with a post WLS tummy
Get my belly button pierced - I'm ordering a magnetic one - hey a girl had to find a way around this since I'm heading down the plastic surgery research and fighting with insurance
Reach my WLS goal weight
Complete a 5K - May 18th I'm doing the Color Me Rad 5K with friends - so excited!!!!
Sew a quilt
Create a family Christmas tradition
Take a pottery class
Buy tickets to a pro sporting event
See Celine Dion in Concert
Organize all my pictures into photo albums - my physical pictures are left, all of the digitals are completely organized and backed up (which took 3 weeks!!!)
Learn to shoot a gun
Take a belly dancing class
Buy an outfit that makes me feel sexy
Have spa day: facial & massage included
Bake an apple pie from scratch - April project - I have found the recipe I want to make!
Go camping
Get my diplomas framed—FINALLY
Host a Harry Potter themed dinner party
Take a romantic vacation - Hello Anniversary #4 in June - I'm taking a mini trip and will also knock out the "share a beach sunset with the hubs"
Buy myself a right hand ring
Get a passport - printed and filled out, need to get the photo and file it
Overhaul my wardrobe to be grown up
Open my crafty etsy shop
Share a beach sunset with the love of my life - June 2013
Get professional pictures done
Print my blog about my WLS professionally
Start to learn a new language
Take a dance class
Attempt the Rock Wall at the Rec
Learn how to can - can't wait to strawberry seasons i'm making crockpot jam and canning

I realize I only have 15 things left to do...and all are feasible except Celine I think which isn't half bad at all...:-)

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