Thursday, March 14, 2013

Designing A Life

There is my old life - the life before I got married. The life where I was single, free, and determined to reach all of my goals. There was the newly married life where I was awkward, felt tied down, and didn't know what goals went where and now here I am in the present.
My present life shows me married (almost 4 years), determined, crossed off my 10 "life's to do" that I wrote back in college in 2001 with my girlfriends, and learning to build a life with someone and not just having my own life. I have to admit designing my life now is much different. I'm tied to someone. I'm tied to a bank account, a job, and a town that I call my own, but that doesn't mean it is the life I've always dreamed - it is just life.
There was a quote I ran across about this today and it got me thinking - what if I could design my life what would it look like? I am at a huge crossroads in my life. I'm between I've gotten the short list of things to do in my life done by 30 and re-examining what I want for the future. So lets start with my 31 things for my 31st year list. This has been part of me re-designing my life and going forward and it is fun to cross things off ( you will find it below and I've been busy! )
I think in the design of my life there are a few things I want:
  • I want my home to be a place of peace and to entertain
  • I want family and friends that honest, true, and faithful
  • I want a strong relationship with my husband and best friend
  • I want to take a vacation once a year
  • I want to find financial security for myself
  • I want to feel free even though there are things in life that confines us
  • I want to be at a place where I am content with what my life holds and realize it
  • I want to travel
  • I want to keep learning and applying what I learn at work and in life

Where is Lissa on her 31 Things List?

I haven't posted on where I am at on my 31 things for my 31st year in a bit so I thought I would take a moment and share where I am on my list of things!!!!

Here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish this year:
  1. Read 31 books (finished #31 today)
  2. Ride a roller-coaster
  3. Get my belly button pierced
  4. Reach my WLS goal weight
  5. Complete a 5K
  6. Sew a quilt
  7. Create a family Christmas tradition
  8. Take a pottery class
  9. Buy tickets to a pro sporting event
  10. See Celine Dion in Concert
  11. Organize all my pictures into photo albums
  12. Learn to shoot a gun
  13. Take a belly dancing class
  14. Buy an outfit that makes me feel sexy
  15. Have spa day: facial & massage included
  16. Bake an apple pie from scratch
  17. Go camping
  18. Get my diplomas framed—FINALLY
  19. Host a Harry Potter themed dinner party
  20. Take a romantic vacation
  21. Buy myself a right hand ring
  22. Get a passport
  23. Overhaul my wardrobe to be grown up
  24. Open my crafty etsy shop
  25. Share a beach sunset with the love of my life
  26. Get professional pictures done
  27. Print my blog about my WLS professionally
  28. Start to learn a new language
  29. Take a dance class
  30. Attempt the Rock Wall at the Rec
  31. Learn how to can

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