Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Sunday Confessions

1. I confess that people suck. Tonight while on the way to our holiday party someone destroyed my driver's side window, stole some electronics, my garmin charger but not the garmen and ran. So coming out from dinner hello here is a mess. I've got little faith in people tonight....not happy with people at all (for the moment).

2. I'm stressed about money - I wasn't planning on an insurance deductible - so I thought I would get through the holidays without this - obviously not.

3. I'm craving carbs and I want to emotional eat. I know it can't fix anything, but my old habits want me to stuff food in my face to fix this problem - see number 1.

4. I'm going to voluntarily fail a 5 page paper, because after being ill for 2 weeks, writing it, turning it in, my teacher losing it, and the file being corrupt - my anxiety can't handle it. I'm done for this semester and I'm at the shut the front door phase.

5. I'm over whiny students who do not listen, do not read, do not pay attention to advice, listen to rate my and on top of that want to email me on sunday night with an emergency which could have been solved with either 1) listening to what we told you 2) reading the paper that stated what we read to you 3) problem solved and tried to answer you own question and 4) studied, applied yourself, and actually tried in class. - grrrr. p.s. i'm not going to email you back on a sunday when i'm not at work to fix this issue.

So definitely head over to meet Alyx. Her confession was humbling and straightforward today that I totally respect and you don't see very often. Happy Sunday.

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  1. Oh, man! It sounds like you've had a rough week! I hope things get better for you. I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

    Thanks for linking up!