Friday, November 9, 2012

There is more than one WHEY to protein!

One thing I learned at the OAC Convention was about proteins. Prior to this I just knew my pouch didn't care for proteins, but I couldn't figure out why. Well I had no clue that there were so many types of proteins out there! Yes I knew about the soy and whey, but there are others that you can purchase and some of us do better on some than others.

Here is how I learned my "whey" around protein!

Types of Proteins
1. Whey Protein
2. Soy Protein
3. Milk & Milk Based Protein
4. Egg Protein
5. Rice Protein
6. Casein Protein

I hadn't been able to do any whey, egg, or rice in a powder form. My pouch really early on couldn't handle it and it made me sick, but while at the conference I got my education on and learned about how protein is handled in the body some burn off fast, some don't. Some are better designed for different things. What it comes down for me is that Whey protein and my pouch doesn't, won't, ain't ever going to happen to get along. One of the protein companies provided the idea of Casein Protein which is often found in protein bars. So voile' an idea was born - search out Casein protein.

What did I find out?

"Casein protein is the slowest digesting protein on the market. Studies have demonstrated that casein protein can sustain the body with a regular supply of amino acids for at least seven hours, making casein the most anabolic protein, even more than whey. The rationale behind this is really because casein forms a "gel" in acidic environments like the stomach, and so releases a steady supply of amino acids into the bloodstream, permitting your body to remain anabolic.

Since casein is kind of a slow digesting protein, consuming 30-50 grams before bed will stop catabolism while you're asleep. You may also consume casein protein across the day, just never after a workout. Post-workout protein should be soaked up fast into the bloodstream, making casein a particularly bad choice. Casein protein can be taken pre-workout as well, but this would not be the best use. A better pre-workout shake would be to mix together a blend of casein and whey protein, thus permitting you to drink it inside thirty minutes of your workout.

Milk contains over 80% casein protein, so mixing whey protein with milk will not only make your shake taste better but it will give you a make shift time-release formula, effective straight away and sustaining for hours to come. Also, mixing your casein with milk before bed will ensure you stay anti-catabolic across the night. "

Read more:
Casein protein is a slow-digesting protein found in milk and its quality is similar to the quality of whey isolate. Your body uses casein mostly to build and repair muscle, rather than as an energy source. However, because casein leaves you feeling full, individuals focused on weight lose may consume a casein supplement to reduce hunger. The human body digests casein very slowly, so you can take it before bedtime to provide your body a consistent source of protein throughout the night.

So what does this Casein mean...I had my nutritionist break it down - 1) it means it works great for me because it breaks down slow = help stabilize my blood sugar 2) it is a good supplement for me because I can tolerate milk and it is similiar to milk like products 3) it is long sustaining so as snack before bed would be good to keep my sugars even throughout the night!

Ironically my doctor's rules are to not drink your calories which means he never recommended protein shakes. I never used them, did them, kept them in my house except for carnation instant breakfast for liquids for 2 days prior to surgery, but I'm finding now that I need them. I'm still eating my protein and doing what I need to do but for me this has been helping me stabilize my blood sugar, allow me to intake a protein and fruit during the day and "hide" eating from students, and not have sugar drops!

 Strength Training Update

WOD for Thursday:
30 sec warm up bounce on the ball
2 sets of 10 rep bicep curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep curl
2 sets of 10 rep forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep overhead tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep reverse forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out in front of me from waist to shoulders (deltoids)
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out to my sides from waist to shoulder
2 sets of 10 rep arms at side bending at waist rotating left and right
2 sets of 10 rep barbells up lifiting and rotating left and right while balance with one leg up on ball
2 sets of 10 rep weight overhead meeting above my head and moving back toward my shoulders
2 set of 10 reps for chest press
1 set of 10 reps ball toe raises
1 set of 5 reps of ball leg curl

Overall strength training for arms went well. 2 sets were still challenging, but I wasn't as sore afterwards as the first time - improvement = good! I also found that I could increase one exercise to 2 reps which made me feel like a rock star. Little steps making me feel good. I started into legs last night with the intention to be a big girl and rock it, but WOW legs are not a little a big jump so I stuck to the first two exercises and only made it through 5 reps of one, but everyone has to have a starting point right! Tonight I'll focus some on legs only and give my arms a rest, but I'm going to do some modified versions of the ball strength training with the legs and maybe utilize just the resistance ban to build up.

2 down one to go for the week! I'm so excited I've started on this journey :-)

now i just wish i hadn't eaten those chocolate bars :-(

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  1. This is so interesting. I've heard that some people don't do well with things like the atkins diet because their body just doesn't handle proteins well. I guess I didn't think about the fact that there were more than a couple of types of protein.