Thursday, November 8, 2012

WLS saved my life, but can it save me $$$?

I raise this question because I get asked alot about what I spend on groceries post surgery. Yes, my tummy is smaller and I do eat less, but remember I have a super cute husband that is 6'4" and likes to eat (though recently lost more than 60 lbs - HOLLA!) I wanted to point out that WLS and the life after it does it really save us money here is the basics and then a WOW!

Before surgery groceries were running between 400-650 a month
Now (I'm more savy) and eat right it runs between 250-325 a month

Remember I might eat less but some things I need to eat cost more - good lean meats, veggies, fruits, and all of those specialities can add up, shop smart and you'll do fine - plus I don't allow my husband not to get things except ice cream - too hard to keep in the house still 22 months out.

Here is my WOW - medication
2010 - medication / prescriptions = over 2700
2011 - medication / prescriptions = around 1700-1850
2012 - medication / prescriptions = around 900 with only 2 more prescriptions for the year!

Doctors appts (with surgery)
2010 = 2900
2011 = 1500
2012 = 450 with 2 more appts to go this year so a grand total of around 600 for the YEAR!

Now yes, there are increased costs with replacing my clothes and such, but when you put things into perspective look at the savings above! Have you thought to look at your WLS life like this? I was blown away by the savings and I blew my husband away as well. There are definitely more than one way to skin a cat, but for me this is a whole new life of good quality things...and monies not going to see doctors and take pills. Not bad at all Not bad at all!

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