Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions by Lissa

Here are my confessions from the past week:

1. I'm obsessed...yes obsessed with McCallister's Deli Ice Tea. I had one everyday this week - yes sugar free, with two lemons, and woah...I love it!

2. I'm exhausted - like brain dead exhausted where if something isn't written down, on a to do list, or a post it, or taped to my desk it isn't going to get done. Doesn't mean I'm not uber productive, but advising time with monotony is kicking this advisor's hide.

3. I miss naps. I never napped when I was little and I hate resting time in elementary school, but there is nothing better than a real nap. Saturday I napped 3 times. Yep - slept it away. It was amazing.

4. I hate when my nails look bad. So much that it gives me anxiety so last night after nap #3 I went and had them fixed so I felt sane today - hate me...its ok I now don't have any anxiety about my nails.

5. I'm not a flower kind of girl, but my husband surprised me with 18 red roses today in honor of me being initiated into AOII. What a sweet super cute husband. In the four years we've been an us I've only gotten flowers twice before so this was super de dooper special. 

And there you have it my confessions for the week.

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  1. Dude. I nap far too often, but I love it. I guess that's one of the bright sides of being preggers - no one judges me for sleeping my life away.

    thanks for linking up last week, Lissa!