Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long Week, Strength Training, Cluster Migraine with RH thrown in

Despite the title I'm uber excited to announce that this little blog that could that is following my WLS journey has hit over 10,000 views! Yesterday I logged in and I saw 10,002! Thank you all who read my humble piece of the world and thank you for all the great comments and motivation to keep going on this journey of mine.

Strength Training has begun in my house. I've begun with one resistance band, a ball, and two 2lb free weights. Monday night was arms and boy oh boy did I feel it!

WOD for Monday:
60 sec warm up bounce on the ball
2 sets of 10 rep bicep curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep curl
2 sets of 10 rep forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep overhead tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep reverse forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out in front of me from waist to shoulders (deltoids)
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out to my sides from waist to shoulder
2 sets of 10 rep arms at side bending at waist rotating left and right
2 sets of 10 rep barbells up lifiting and rotating left and right while balance with one leg up on ball
2 sets of 10 rep weight overhead meeting above my head and moving back toward my shoulders
1 set of 10 reps for chest press

I found all of these exercises off of this link that had great pictures and how to's. I expected to feel it in my arms, but I didn't expect to feel it in my stomach, my legs, my hips, and my legs at all. I was sore afterwards monday night and took some tylenol and sat with my heating pad on my core. I wish I could of done the recommended 3 set of reps, but I was feeling the burn and didn't want to over do it. I was a little sore yesterday and it was supposed to be my rest day or legs. I took the day of rest since I'm dealing with a cluster migraine.

Enter migraine from hades itself. First thought stress, then lack of sleep, moved onto just a headache, then thought maybe from low sugar and my RH, but after 3 1/2 days waking up with this mess I went with cluster migraine. Step one - went to chiropractor and I was super tight. Got iced. Sent to work with Ice. Told to relax. Come back this afternoon. If this doesn't work I'm off to the hospital to be pumped with meds since I can't take anything good to cut a migraine since they are all NSAIDS and they are no good on the tummy - ok so I'll admit it I took an excedrine on Sunday and I did take a prilosec too just cause pain was horrible - gut death. Won't do that again, but this has got to stop my neck, face, head are killing me.

Random Monkeying around at school!

From my banana yesterday at work!

November Monkey Calendar!

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