Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real life Running Into Exercise

Real Life....oh yeah that thing that happens between sleep - well it hit me hard yeserday as I went home and nursed my migraine. I'm feeling 100% better than Wed, but no where near what I need to be in relation to getting rid of this headache, next muscles are very sore but the adjustment I had yesterday was an extreme one, so after a night of feet up, ice on the neck, and relaxation - atleast I am functional today.

I didn't want to miss my strength training last night but there was no way my husband was going to let me get up and hold weights much less sit on my core ball and do work so I conceeded and relaxed and I'm glad I did but bummed there was no working out of the arms. If my neck and head are still ok tonight then I'll be back at it with my Workout of the Day!

In my research to find strength training I can do at home I found a great site for legs. Since I have to start somewhere here is where I am going to begin  It has great explanations, pictures, and interactive pictures that show the movements. I can put them on my ipad, sit them in front of me and go! I'll let you know how the strength training of the bottom turns out!

Though real life has been running into exercise I've been trying to keep to a balanced eating habits. Balancing the new carbs has been rough, and I'm far from perfect, but one new habit I've picked up has been using protein shakes. Tomorrow I'm going to dive into all the different types of man made proteins, because it has taken me a journey to be able to eat them, but I have found making a shake and drinking it throughout the morning has been helping keeping my blood sugar up and consistent, allowing me to get some fruits in (mostly bananas right now) and drinking soy milk to up my protein content. I'm thrilled to have found a protein supplement and way for me to "hide" my eating while I'm advising so that I can keep my sugars up.

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