Sunday, October 28, 2012

Link Up Sunday

I'm doing 2 link ups in one today because who says there are rules in the blog world right? First I am going to share #Operation LessCarbs with Samamtha (who is a fellow WLS patient and rocking out being an awesome mom!) The link will take you to her link up, but check out her page. She has lots of cool stuff about being a mom, being a WLS patient, time management and family, and sharing her awesome heart.

I wish I could say that eating no carbs or less carbs was my current way of life, but alas since I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia post RNY Gastric Bypass (around 6 months ago) I've had to add carbs back to my diet, but it is all about GOOD carbs and carbs that will help my sugar stabilization. I am going to share with you today my love of Quinoa!

Quinoa is a great source of protein and a good carbohydrate as well. It is considered a complete protein. It is a grain and is a good daily source of fiber. For those eating a balanced diet in the WLS world, quinoa is an excellent source of whole wheats/carbs that we can eat with meals.

I love Quinoa! I utilize it to substitute for rice and pasta for two reasons 1) my pouch can tolerate it and 2) it adds to my protein. I also like it because it keeps well in the fridge, you can flavor it, and it is very versatile. 

Here are few recipes that I love using my Quinoa:
1. Quinoa Mac and Cheese
2. Mexican Quinoa Mac and Cheese

I love linking up with Alex for Sunday Confessions! It is such a sweet way to get things off my chest. Last week it was all about me and cleaning and I am going to state this confession this week is a little ...well all over the place. It has been one of those weeks!

1. I confess that I love the colder weather. Living in TX means sunshine and I love that but the 40 to 60 degrees we've been having the last few days brings me back to growing up and cuddling up in sweats. Love it!

2. I have a feeling...a want...a need to go home. I haven't been home to Baltimore since 2007 and for some reason in the back of my head and in my heart I want..need...I just want to walk the streets I grew up on, eat food I can't get anywhere else...and be where I grew up. I really want to share that with my husband.

3. We are NOT traveling for any holidays this year. It has been a rough couple years for holidays for us and we will be spending this holiday season together, TX not traveling. Hard to break to all the in-laws but really i need the sanity and I want, desire, to just be with my husband in our first home away from the residence hall.

4. I'm in love with yogurt and granola. Its part of my new diet and it makes 1) my sugar stabilize and 2) it is just so yummy! learn to make my own granola.

5. I've been a bad blogger this week. I like to update everyday, but with advising at work and the influx of 12 appts and multiple large group sessions I'm burnt out and can barely think. So this few weeks will be slow on the blog unless I can find time between work, school, life, and sleep!


  1. I loooove quinoa! There are so many things you can do with it too. Good for you for incorporating it into your diet! queen of quinoa has an awesome blog - check it out :P

    You should totally take a trip home. Your soul wants this :D

    I truly believe there's no such thing as a bad blogger by the way lol - unless the blogger is attacking someone or doing harmful things - you obviously do not fit into this category. Thank goodness!

    1. LMC - thank you so much for that encouragement about being a bad blogger I needed that!

      I will have to look for the queen of quinoa - I'm always looking for better food options.


  2. I'm gonna have to try that mac and cheese quinoa! It sounds awesome!

    1. It is to die for! For my WLS friends and I it is a way to have some mac and cheese without the pasta...I like it ALOT!

  3. It is OK to step away from the blog for a bit - sometimes it's refreshing to not have to think about it, if nothing else.

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I'm just now reading - life has been crazy.