Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinoa Mac and Cheese

I found this recipe via pinterest and I have to say I love it - I'm having it for dinner tonight since I have some left over quinoa I want to use up and I have alot of the ingredients on hand. Check it out here

I can't possibly eat the quantity the recipe calls for so I do change it up and here is how I do it. (will post pics later tonight as I make it at home)

1. I use quinoa from my fridge that I've usually cooked. To help the cheese melt when I'm mixing things in - I nuke it! Go Microwave.
2. I make quantities in small ramikins so I usually use about a 1/2 cup of quinoa cooked in a bowl. I add a 1/4 cup to one large heaping handful of shredded cheese (whatever is in the fridge)
3. I usually split one egg and a dash of milk between the two ramikins
4. I skip panko bread crumbs and use what I have in the house (which is usually italian bread crumbs) just a sprinkle on top
5. tonight I'm going to pre-cook some brocoli and add it to the mixture since I have it in my freezer, but I've not done this prior to it.
6. I bake on 350 degrees for about 10 min since it is such a small quantity or till the cheese is brown and crusty cause I like it that way.

This small quantity makes 2 meals for me and the recipes are endless. I can add chicken etc to it and it tastes yummy. If I'm eating quinoa I don't eat alot and I'm full quick. Definitely something that helps me replace the need to mac and cheese in this WLS life!

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