Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taylor Swift Soundtrack Part 2

Yesterday I let you in on some tracks that make my love story real to me, but I thought I would share why these songs some up my little slice of love in this world.


1. "Today was a Fairy Tale" - That day was Jan 7, 2008 the day I met my Justin and I spent a magical evening getting to know him and this was the day that I fell madly in love with a 6'4" tall man with beautiful eyes, warm arms, and hella cute wink.

2. "Tears on my Guitar" - We dated on and off and our hearts weren't sure... I cried ALOT!  
3. "Haunted" - Justin never got out of my head. I love him and I knew he had some feelings for me, but I saw his potential, his friendship, his smile....I knew that I wanted to be with him and he haunted me. No matter how many times we ended it he could pull be back in with one word, a text, an instant message....he had my heart and he didn't realize how much.

4. "We are Never Getting back together" - August 2008 Justin told me something that we now joke about but it was "my last straw!" We quit. We got back together in October....we quit. Then it all came out in February of 2009 while we were both dating other people there was this epic phone conversation as I drove down I-80 towards Omaha where I was crying and he was crying and there was yelling and at the end we all wished we could be together, but it wouldn't happen.....This song is TOO TOO perfect!

5. "White Horse" - in late Feb/early March of 2009 - I was ill really ill and had to be hospitalized. Justin and I realized during this trying period that he is my prince on his white horse and he road in not a minute too late to help take care of me. He was there every step of the way and each night putting me to sleep with 15000 texts and hours on the phone later it was him....he had to be mine.

6."I knew you were trouble" - During the time I was in and out of the hospital everyone was looking out for me and my girlfriends and best friends knew how I felt about Justin but also new about his more than stellar record with me....he was trouble they said. I didn't care my heart was his. I didn't want anyone else!

7. " You belong to me" - We really are best friends. He completed me and I him. We were each other's go to person, but until one faithful night in March of 2009 we didn't truly realize this until I asked...why not we be together - be happy. He did belong to me and I belonged to him and I wanted him to be mine. At my surprise at 4 am he said he wanted to be mine too!

8. "Love Story" - Our love story is a fairy tale - our own version and doesn't look anything like a fairy tale guide or Disney, but it is our nonetheless. It was swift, intense, true, and every emotion wrapped up into a very short time. We loved each other, we knew each other, we were dedicated to being together and not wasting one more minute more. So from the time we moved me from Doane to the date of our marraige was a little under a month!

9. "Mine" - He was MINE! He is all that I could imagine love to be. This song is so poignant of what our first 2 years of marriage was like. He proved he would stay no matter what and I fought his love and committment all the way but it was uncondonditional through good,bad, and turbulent times.

10. "Red" - This song puts my love for Justn into words that I can't - She is able to describe the "love is blind" feeling, infatuation, intensity that was our beginning but it also describes the lowest feelings and true fear of losing us....him...not every relationship is easy.

Taylor was pognant in her words and touches me. Justin has gone over and beyond to see my point of view in our love story and even surprised me with tickets to her show in Nashville for our 2nd Valentines day. He even tried to get Taylor to let him propose at the show and for my husband to sit down and write out how he saw her songs as the story of our love touched me in ways that I can't put into words. We didn't get to have that moment, but sitting there next to him at that concert and listening to her serenade us to songs that make me fall in love all over again was precious to hold his hand, feel his kisses on my head, and know that in that moment it was all OURS!

Hope you all enjoyed this little look into our love story and the super de dooper squishy love stuff that makes me ... well me!

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