Monday, August 13, 2012

Frog Butt Shorts!!!!!

First, please excuse the messy living room (we are still moving in!) Second, you might think this is a funny or ridiculous post, but I'm so excited I had to share it! I got Frog Butt Shorts today! Now, I know it is silly, but when I was a undergrad at TCU I wanted these shorts so bad. I was way to fat to fit in them. They wouldn't go over my thighs much less my back end, but today I reached 2 victories! 1) I had the guts to walk in and purchase the above pair of frog butt shorts in an XL REGULAR and did not try them on and 2) I came home and put them on and wiggled my back end to my hearts content right in front of my super cute husband. [thanks for the pic honey]

Many people don't ask their hubs to take pics like this, but this is how we roll and you know what I'm shocked of 2 more things: 1) there is a pic of my bum on my blog and 2) look how small my thighs are!!!! This is a huge victory for me right up with buying my victory secret panties! I think I feel more like a real college student today than I have in a very long time. Horned Frog Pride Y'all!


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  1. I! LOVE! THIS! You are, and always have been, wonderful and amazing! <3 forever!