Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Green, Sweet, and Yummy = Appletini

Its lime seriously bright lime green and it tasts and smells so yummy green apple! I am in love with the Crystal light Appletini. Last week I had a few days where I was struggling to drink and get all my water in which isn't like me, so I reinvented my drinking water! I went back to some decaf ice tea and picked up a few crystal lights. I haven't drinken them since right after my surgery so I thought why not. Well I'm in love :-) Plus I'm glad to be a tease and tell everyone "I'm drinking on the job!" when really its me an my crystal light yumminess enjoying myself for 5 calories in my TCU Horned Frog Mug!

Now let's follow up the yummtini with some really awesome savings on the WLS lifestyle. Vitamins are expensive and its part of our new life...for some vitamins I have to take liquid, some I still take chewable, and others I can manage swallowing. I go with what is working for me and by no means does this mean your doing something wrong or you should switch it because WLS life is so individual and you should be working with your surgeon's guidelines. Over the last 6 months I've had problems with liquid or spray B12 causing me caffeine surges and messing with my anxiety. I got taken off of it to deal with the anxiety issues and so I went back on B12 this week but solely in the dissolvable sublingual form. Now B12 is not cheap, but I'm determined to get things on a good buy. Using my extra care card at CVS I got a 5 dollar off 10 dollar vitamin purchase. I saw they had the brand I like for buy one get one for a 1 cent and then I had an additional 1 dollar off extra care buck. For 25.96 worth of vitamins I paid 4.83 and have over 200 vitamins which for me is a little over 3 months worth! How amazing is that! Almost as good as getting a year of multi-vitamins for 9.99 when the Kroger was closing out in February. I'm pretty happy about myself let me do the WLS wiggle!

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  1. I so need to try this!! I just bought mango crystal light that was pretty yummy!