Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fitbit, a Bit of Flab, and Turning 31!

Yesterday I turned 31 and it was a glorious day! As I was driving to work this morning, I sat and thought about the last decade (stuck in traffic while deep thinking) and realized how amazing the last 10 years had been. 21 is supposed to be a defining age for young americans in college, and it was for me, but not because I partied until the sun came up every night. 10 years ago I had just been back from a study abroad to Hungary, Prague, and Vienna. I had spent the summer taking in Europe and learning how small my world was in compared to the globalization of what was to come. Ironically a decade later I will tonight start a class with the same professor that taught me about globalization in 2002.

The last ten years have gone by in a blur. I've graduated college twice, started my doctorate, moved from TX to MD, from MD to PA, from PA to MD, from MD to NE, from NE to TN, and TN back to TX. I've had 3 relationships that changed my world and ended up falling madly in love with the last one whom I'm married! I've worked at four different colleges and started a career that has ever been growing. I've gained weight and lost weight and gained more weight. I got diabeties and then I've had weight loss surgery and got rid of my diabetes! I've done alot in the last decade and this is a snidbit of the blink of an eye. My 30's have been better to me than my 20's so far and I believe it can only get better! So 31 look out here I come.

For my birthday this year I bought myself a fitbit. Which is this cute little guy to the left. It connects to and tracks so many things!!!!! I'm super excited to start out with this as some of my friends have gotten one as well. Jump over and check it out. I'm actually really excited about learning about my sleeping function with it since I've been having issues with sleep - why not can't hurt to try to figure me out these days :-) I also need some kick in the butt motivation to get me over my next hurdle of walking in the Obesity Walk at the end of October and moving my mind to be inline with my visual, my actual, my reality of who I am today and not who I was once...overweight, slugglish, and blah. Old habits and Old mindsets die hard and I'm finding it to be that way - this bump in the road will pass and a new season will emerge...I know I can do it.

As my mind catches up to my body I realize that my body is what it is - I'm embracing all the flab that means I've worked hard. I've been having issues not so much dealing with "oatmeal" belly, but flabby arms. My arms didn't used to be this way and even as a heavier person I wore tanks and short sleeves, but the flab is back with a vengence! I've been contemplating different things and I will be talking through the possibility of plastics in my journey, but I found something that made me smile and made me ask - Is flab all that bad? Case and point here is a picture of Oprah from her twitter...and look at her arm flab. Arm flab represent!

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  1. Very cool! I just bought a BodyBugg SP. I had been looking at the FitBit as an alternative, cos the BBSP's a little pricey, but then wonderful Groupon had the BBSP on sale.