Monday, August 27, 2012

It's almost September!

Man has August flown by. It seems like yesterday I was saying that school would be starting and here I am in the 2nd week of the fall semester. Last week was a train wreck. No lie - it was so busy I went home each night exhausted and my brain felt like mush. I had booked appointments from 9 am through 5 pm or later each day last week and when 5 came on Friday I ran out of work! I needed time to breathe, to not count credit hours, and to not solve problems. Welcome back students! Last week was a whirlwind, but on the non busy end I managed to be paid in some great "thank you's" and "hugs" from students that make those long days, crazy questions, and busy busy and more busy office environment worth it. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself this morning when I only had 2 appointments on my calendar! Woo hoo time to catch up with work from last week that has been sitting in a pile on my desk. (note: I didn't even clean my desk last Friday I just ran!)

This weekend had both its ups and downs. It feels like forever since I've had time to write, blog, get some me time in. Huge news - we now have living room furniture! Thank goodness :-) I have 2 lovely new black couches that are super comfy and the best news yet I can sit on them and my hips, back, and back end are no longer getting bruised (from the hard floor) and little padding. Can I tell you that it is absolutely fabulous!!!!! It also means that I'm not stuck in my bedroom where I could comfortably sit so I sat and watched tv, folded all the laundry, and did some homework while being comfy on the leather couches! As our first big married purchase of furniture I think we did pretty well overall. Bettis family is in love with our living room furntiture.

My RH (reactive hypoglycemia) has been rearing its ugly head again. My sugar remains low and likes to stay that way. Sometimes I catch it in time and sometimes well I end up on the floor shaking like a leaf and praying to feel better. This weekened was more than one occasion that my sugar sat at 48, 42, 68, and 56 respectively in a not so nice manner. My RH leaves me exhausted, light headed, and feeling like I'm having a horrible anxiety attack (but I'm not!) It leaves me not able to drive, vision blurred, shakey, and a overall mess. It really isn't fun. I've talked to my nutritionist this morning and she has no clue based upon my routine and eating what is going on. They are going to do some blood work too, but it is going to be a watch and see on the RH. I'm keeping protein bars with me and I've been cutting them up in segments to eat throughout the day. I also now have some glucose tabs as well to "bandaid" till I can get protein and complex carbs, but I'm scared. I'm not happy with it and I am resenting having to carry my blood testing kit. I thought I was over it now that I'm healthy, but here I am again checking my blood sugar all over - boo. I know I shouldn't resent it, but I am and it just isn't making me happy at all. I need to research and see what other factors beside food could be interacting and causing RH - stress? sleeplessness? monthly cyles? new medicines? I just want to know that I've done all I can do to prevent this from taking over my life!

Let's talk supplements for WLS patients. I take a ton....and I'm learned that maybe I don't take enough because let's face it there is always something we need right. Well case and point I'm on a statin thanks to my genetics. I have chloesterol that doesn't like to stay normal no matter what I do and with my mom and dad both having had multiple heart attacks etc etc etc I'm doing the proactive thing and taking my low dose of statin. But what I didn't know is that statins drain your energy! Yep, they do. They also remove things your heart needs to make your heart healthier even though the statin is supposed to be making the cholesterol lower which should help the heart. Vicious cycle huh! Enter COQ10 a very expensive supplement that I was told to take and though its expensive - it is amazing what it is done in a little over a week. Want more info check it out here I started taking it at a suggestion because after 3 months on statins I was extremely worn out, my body was aching, and I just felt ugh - after a little over a week on 60 mcg of COQ10 a day I'm feeling better and recently had the cholesterol tested. I'm doing well and the numbers are much much better heck they are NORMAL! Welcome COQ10 into my life. If you decide to take it - look for it on sale or better yet check out Sam's club - HUGE deal on COQ10.

I've also heard good things in adding a B complex vitamin to the mix. My doctor is not concerned with my B12 numbers, but I've read alot about the B complex. I'm wondering if it is worth the addition? Do you take it? Is it worth it? I'm in the midst of doing some research on it, so anything you can share would be helpful - both positive or negative.

new dress from target - size XL (normal)!!!!!

happy monday to me rocking my size L dress from target too!

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