Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Balance Beam to Home

If life is a balance beam there would need to be some training to get up to stay on it and be able to walk all away across. I know that I'm not going to get across is on my first try, but darn it I just can't walk the beam! Now on obstacle course feels more like life right now. What are my obstacles in finding balance? When I started to really think about that I came up with a fairly quantifiable list.

What are my obstacles in finding balance?
  1. Roots - I need to feel at home in my home. I need to know that home is here and that moving isn't in our near future.
  2. Food - I need to have great choices around me so I can make good choices in the long run. I need to track my food, watch my liquid intake, and make sure that I'm committed to the WLS journey.
  3. Friends - I need to have time away from my super cute husband.
  4. Husband - I need to have time that is just for us.
  5. Time to craft and do things I love - I don't make this a priority and it makes me sad that I can't do this for myself.
  6. Reading - I love to read for fun and I need to focus more on reading for me.
  7. School - I need to figure out where I'm headed and for what!
  8. Church - I found a church, now I need to get to know church...I want to be spiritually healthy and fulfilled like I am physically healthier now.
  9. Taking care of the house - I just am not a good "house wife" and I want to do better in this area so that my house is organized, clean, and feels put together
  10. Stress - there is alot of stress surrounding me these days and so I need to no make that want to be able to handle the stress better (i think with more balance stress won't be so in my face)
I think I might be able to go on forever, but I'm going to start with these ten. My dear sweet blogger buddy Sam asked me what she could do to help me figure out my balance. Right now I'm going to ask my friends and hubby for patience. I'm a thinker who then puts plans into action. Definitely how I work, but I'm going to need some patience and some encouraging words in the future. I realize more than ever that I'm not superwoman, but I still want to be and the reality has been hitting me that I can't be that so hence looking for balance.

I'm going to take each of these areas and think about what I need to find balance in that area. Today I'm going to look at Roots. I've moved alot in my lifetime. More than I ever wanted to move. There have been spaces in my life where I felt like I had a home, but it wasn't really mine until I moved to TCU in 1999 for college. Yes, I still moved a great deal but this was my home, my town, my apt, my normal place. It was the first place in my life as ME and I loved it. It is one of the reasons I've always wanted to move back here so for me moving back to Fort Worth was a HUGE answer to prayer and goal in my life. This town is still mine, but now I'm finding out about it as an adult not through the eyes of college student which is alot of fun.

Since moving has been something I've done so much no place has felt like a permanent place a real home where there was my stuff, my decorations, and where I wasn't going to have to move in less than a year. Looking back it was traumatic and I think when hubs and I moved in December we were over the trauma of it all. So here I am moving, but this move is good. First it all fell into place after huge PRAYER! I love that we got what we needed when we needed it. This move is all about perspecitve. Like I mentioned the other day it isn't about the "keeping up with the jones' factor" but it is about being happy. I was happy as a clam last night as I put my bathroom together, sorting out old and new, organizing my items and hubs items into neat tubs for the sink area. This was what I wanted to be able to do move in and make my house feel like "yes, i live here!" I felt like a real homemaker having my kitchen put together, everything put up and organized in its place, cooking dinner, putting things in the dishwasher, and going to bed with no dishes in the sink. It felt like my was mine all organized just like me. Now I just have to get it all prettied up.

I know that eventually when this move is over my home will be a place I love to go and it will be a place I can invite friends over to enjoy a meal, a game, and chat. I want to be able to be proud of where I live and enjoy this great city I live in to the fullest. It will be a place I can craft, work on homework, exercise, and relax. It will be a place that is ours and it will reflect our homey lived in lifestyle filled with movies, laughter, and I want to leave behind the pain of moving, the pain of the hard first years of marraige, the pain of being sick, of being overweight, of being unhealthy and I want us to have a plan...I want to move forward looking to the future we have that is bright!

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  1. I think it's super smart you are taking one thing at a time! I've learned when we put Christ first in our loves.. Everything else falls into place. I vote work on that first, I'm still working on it!!