Monday, July 16, 2012

First Weekend in the New House & Balance

As the upheaval in my life is taking more shape and I'm a new chapter with my super cute husband I took a moment to reflect last night as I stood in my new kitchen and cooked our first meal in the new place. I was reminded of the first days in our very first apt together in TN at MTSU. We had hardly anything with us as my stuff was all in storage, we had just switched jobs, and we were newly married. We were happy despite our financial concerns, lack of furniture, and over all plan - we were blissfuly happy. Three years later we are in our new apt. We still have a complete lack of furniture, there are still financial concers, and our overall plan is still in flux, but we are again happy - REALLY happy. I mentioned it to hubs last night that these remind me of the "Lyon Days" (the residence hall we first moved into) and he agreed with a big smile on his face!

We are happy and most of all I am happy. I realized this weekend as I looked around my half moved in new apartment that no matter what life brings to me that I can be happy with the simple things: food on the table, roof over my head, gas in my car, and I dont' need to worry about "keeping up with the Jones'" because I'm not them ...I'm me and my little family is all mine. Yes if you come over you'll have to sit on the floor right now, but it does come with some great new berber carpet! If you come over you might have to eat picnic style, but there will be great tasty yummy healthy food being cooked. I will even dare to say that you'll find Justin and myself blissfuly happy still madly in love and giggling again because for the first time in a very long time we have each other and we are happy...REALLY happy. Are there things we need to work on? YES. Are we where we want to be? Not yet, but we are well on our way. I think God is ironic to show me what he needs to show me WHEN he does it....He reminds me that I'm still his little girl and he takes care of me and that all my needs are met in HIS time. I need to not worry about what others think and focus on what HE thinks....but for the first time in a long time I'm so very thankful for these reminders.

Yesterday was spent packing and moving before the rain hit. We got all but one large box of the kitchen moved over, cleaned, and put up. I'm proud to report the bedroom at the old apt is empty and the bathroom is too! I'm headed over after work to fill up the cube with pre-packed boxes and some storage items. It is nice to be able to move in stages and move, put away, and throw away at the same time. I'm really all about getting rid of things we haven't used since we moved....I don't want to move them again. Did I mention moving is a good work out? I'm totally using it as part of my routine since I'm carrying boxes up and down 2 flights of stairs and them moving them from car to apt. I'm getting a good workout and I didn't even know it :-) 3 years ago I wouldn't of been able to do any of this so moving for me is a HUGE NSV (non scale victory).

I'm happy to say I stayed on track with my eating plan as well. I love tracking it is like a game for me and I enjoy winning. This meant me getting out and into the pool in between the storms yesterday to get my 15 min water work out in! I did it and it felt good to keep at it. Today is my off day from the pool since it is cleaning day and with packing and moving I think I might just try my yoga dvd that is been sitting with dust on it! Can I tell you that I'm still amazed at how much I get to be below my daily intake when I exercise - SO COOL. This is something they should really show you instead of just mentioning to WLS patients...I think the more we see it the more impact it has atleast it does for me!


So balance is something that I lack in a lot of areas and it is something I NEED to be able to be more effective in life. I life a scheduled life with WLS eating and anxiety, but I don't think I live a balanced life at all. So I want to figure out what balance really is? What kind of balance do I need? How can I achieve balance? What kind of balance do I want in my life? What tools do I need to use to be more balanced?

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  1. Sister we all need some balance!! What do you need to balance?! I don't know how but let me know if I cAn help :)