Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vampire Update

A few weeks ago I went to meet the "vampire" aka get a massive amount of blood drawn for my WLS. Today, I finally got all of the labs back. I'm was super pumped with the results. Everything was in normal range with all of my vitamins except my D3. It was 20.9 and it needs to be up above 40. I changed the supplement I was taking around 2 months ago, and it looks like the D3 I am taking is not absorbing into my body as well, so back to the old supplement after I get this added dose of D3 in me via prescription. My doctor was not too concerned with my cholesterol as it has been considerably dropping and he was even ok with my slightly high liver functions as my liver continues to balance back in and healing from fatty liver issues. Overall they were very pleased, I was over joyed and plan to get on my D3 asap!

Lesson learned - sometimes cheaper supplements are always better and secondly, if a vitamin or supplement is working for you - stay on it. Why change?!?!?! I plan on taking my own advice on this one and get back to the vitamin shoppe asap for some yummy chew-able D3 peppermints.

Have any of you all found that when you change supplements you have had issues absorbing? Have you changed supplements to save money? How do you shop smart about buying supplements? Any websites, tips, or advice?

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