Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Protein Anyone?

Getting enough protein for anyone is hard, but for post WLS patients it is crucial. I've been doing a great job at it and been able to have a range of foods and enjoy new proteins, but sometiems 70+ grams of proteins is just hard to do when your not hungry, on the go, or haven't eaten well. I'm also looking for something to boost my protein over 70 grams to keep my hair and nails looking good, cut down on cravings, and help kick the sugar habit. Enter Becca! Becca is my grand-little from my sorority and she is a fitness guru ( I totally just called you a guru!) She has amazing drive to be healthy, live healthy, and work out. She has been working on it for awhile and she brought me the idea of shakeology a few months ago.

I was skeptical because protein shakes and I don't get along. I can't do fake proteins and if I can they taste gross, but I know it is a way to change up my diet, help get in protein, and be healthier me. I did my research and found out the sugar content and items and talked to her for a while about it. Yesterday I got my trial package in the mail! God works in many ways and Becca's package was an answer to prayers yesterday as I started my 5K walking training. This morning I got up and tried the Strawberry Shakeology. I put it in my magic bullet blender, added a half of a small banana, and used the milk I had in the fridge (it was 2% but I can't throw it away) and blended. Poured it over ice in my happy cup and drank it on the way to work. I was impressed by the smoothness of it. I really liked the taste, the texture, and the best thing - I didn't get sick from it! Woooo hooo....a protein shake that I could incorporate into my diet :-) I'm super pumped to try the other two flavors at home and will trying those this week as well.

If you are interested in looking into shakeology check out Becca's website http://myshakeology.com/esuite/home/BeccaGoodwin I'm sure she would be more than willing to answer any questions you may have! She has been a doll about answering all of mine. Now, I'm not selling a product trust me, but I'm all about sharing good news and good things. I was really impressed with some of the items that shakeology can help me out with and I'm hoping with more use that may be a way to help me be a better me.

I found this on the website:

Shakeology can help you:

1.Lose Weight -  (totally want to kick start my losing and get the next 20 lbs gone)
2.Feel Energized - (energy that isn't coffee will be welcomed)
3.Improve Digestion and Regularity - (i'm all about having better digestion and regularity especially since WLS patients can have issues in that area - questions regarding this - read my TMI post!)

4.Lower Cholesterol - (as you know my cholesterol came in at 239. It is down from 445 but it needs to be under 200 and I want to do it without meds! if this can help i'm all for it!)

Last night I went home after work determined to walk and get into my routine. I wanted to take the day off, but thought I could push through it. Then I realized that my body was exhausted and a 30 min nap turned into  a night of sleep. Guess I need to pace myself. Also I thought I only walked .7 miles the other day turns out I'm as bad with numbers and directions make that I walked over a mile and half! No wonder I'm tired. So I'm giving myself slack and realizing that total health comes with sleep too and I'm not going to beat me up - just get back on the train. Yesterday I did well on the diet minus the cookie and snack size twix - sugar is horrible to break and it is all around me. I need to arm my office with healthy snacks and pack them so I'm not tempted! I don't want to sucumb to the pressures of that when I know it is not healthy. I also thought about doing a jar on my desk and putting in change for everytime I want a treat and don't eat one. I could totally treat myself to something from the change if I have the will power too. Might be a silly idea, but why not! Anything for motivation right?


  1. I need more protein!!! I have been sucking in this dept big time. So they taste good?? I'll need to look at the ingredients and also it says patent pending? What does that mean?!

    Thanks for the info :)

    1. I think the patent pending means they are trying to identify this product as unique and theirs based on their recipe. It just hasn't been approved yet by the patent office of the US gov.

      The strawberry was awesome. I tried the greenberry today and I didn't like it at all. Maybe it was the color, maybe it was the taste, or the combination but eww for the green one.