Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I never thought...

I never thought I would be eating healthy, liking vegatables, taking vitamins, working out nevertheless workinig out with my husband, planning to walk/jog a 5K, being told I can see my doctor in "months" not days, wearing a size L, buying undewear from Vicki's, or even be able to enjoy the outside summer weather anywhere never mind texas! Yet, here I am living this life where I go home to work out and walk with my husband. I eat healthy and like vegatables. I would rather eat a bowl of squash then cookies. I can walk into a store and try on clothes and not be examined for my obesity. This is my real life.

I never imagined I would focus on sipping liquid, managing calcium and multi-vitamin times, or that I would want to go clothes shopping and excited to feel good in clothes. In my greatest dreams did I think I could conquer the obesity and actually be asking my doctor to let me lower my choloesterol instead of taking a pill to see if I could do it. I never imagined that I would want to live life to the fullest and not miss a moment and that these new moments would be more special because they are live, in color so bright, in smells so good, in tastes of food so vivid. None of these things were ever discussed when your going through the process of getting WLS. I haven't even really had anyone discuss it post at support groups, but life is so precious and it is the small things that make the big things huge and sometimes the small things are huge in and of themselves.

I've been thinking about really creating and counting down my WLS bucket list. I took my lists of here and there and put them in one spot. I found an online bucklist community at There you can find others wanting to accomplish the same goals as you, list your accomplishments, list your dreams, and more. I just started it, but I've already found other WLS patients out there wanting the same stuff and it is a great reminder that I'm NOT alone, but regardless of what the end goal is - everyone should dream. Having dreams and things you want to do is a great motivator and shouldn't be ignored. I can't wait to add to my list now that I think I've found all those little notes I've left for myself to put them all in one place. I hope that you take a moment and make a few bucket list goals. They are fun to check off! Here is my current bucket list and I'm still thinking on things to add daily

Last night husband and I went on a walk for our 15 min circut this week. It was a beautiful night out and we walked around the lovely park. It was great to just get out and move and it wasn't too too much. The weather was nice, but today the TX heat is going to rear it's head. It is supposed to be in the high 80's today so maybe we'll be walking later in the evening. I'm glad I have someone to work out with...makes it not so lonely. Only two more days to go this week. We can do it!

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