Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life is getting Organized

I've talked over the last few months about organization. I've managed to organize the following:

1. boxes of stuff - we haven't unpacked totally since we are getting ready to move again, so we organized the boxes and tubs of items we use infrequently, lots and lots of books, and off season items.
2. closet - hubs and i took to the closet and got ride of a good amount of items, organized the rest of the clothes into hanging clothes, piles for easy use, and i made an impact last week by labeling items and putting things where they belonged = success!
3. pantry - i saved left over trays and boxes from the whole sale stores we shop at and utilized them to organize my pantry and hold boxed items, canned goods etc. though it isn't cute, it is very functional.
4. recipe binder - i organized my ever growing list of recipes into a binder to prevent needing my laptop in the kitchen. there are some areas that i'm not ok with having my laptop in and near the stove is one of them. so recipe binder complete this weekend with a stand. cost of project = $0.00 - free binder from work, re-used plastic sleeves, and had decorative paper on hand.
5. craft area - i overhauled my craft area, threw things away, and organized items for easy use, storage, and labeled everything. this allows me to really use my craft supplies and enjoy it.

Things left to organize:

1. my bathroom sink area and the dreaded below sink storage. it is a mess - a horrible mess and i hate not being able to find stuff.
2. my jewelry area - right now its a shelf. nothing is organized. things are all over. i hate it...i want a vanity to put all this on, but until then need to come up with an organization plan.
3. measuring cups, spoons, etc - need to have easy access and able to find it - i have an idea and it is a craft!
4. the pile of junk in the corner of the bedroom - it is the massive lump of "i don't know what to do with this..." so it gets put there. it needs to have a place or go. yep, i'm at that point.
5. paperwork - yes there is a box, a mound....a pile of paperwork that needs a place and i'm ready to tackle it. it will either be scanned, pdf'ed, bindered or shredded. it needs to happen and fast. thank you pinterest - i'm going to upcycle some things and make creative organizing for all the paperwork that comes with being an adult.
6. clothes - time to purge again. i'm now in Larges and that means those 3x and 2x tshirts need to go - i can keep a few but do i need like 30? no...time for a goodwill drop off day.

I think this is a good place to start don't you? I figured lets lower stress and anxiety and organize my life. It works for it can be applied elsewhere. I like this productive feeling, but now its 10:30pm on Sunday and Monday is coming soon. Night y'all

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