Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mini "Staycation" & Easter Weekend

I have had a great last few days. I've been able to have a day off, spend time with my husband, and enjoy some down time. In honor of the mini "staycation" enjoy my weekend in photos :0)

Work has been hectic lately, but I have found time to dress cute! I made my first skirt and had to accessorize with my first belt ever, new cardigan, and some jewels my hub made me
 (my charm on my necklace). My new "TCU" outfit!

My husband bought me my new Tervis cup. It is awesome and full of Horned Frog Pride. Plus it keeps my drink cool all day with a little ice. WLS friends this cup is my new saviour! I know if I drink 3 of them I get all my liquid for the day!!!! Also above you will see this adorable purple foam fortune cookie. I made 200 of these for the awards banquet this coming hot glue and I were friends :-)

One of my goals was to work on being a better wife. So I decided since there wasn't a lot of time with our "staycation" to have a mini date that I would print off something adorable from the dating divas (check them out) and surprised my husband on his way to work! Score - he loved it!!!

I started off my weekend with some new ice coffee. I had to try it after I saw the commercial and I drink so little of it that spending $4 on this was worth it. Totally yummy and not that bad on sugar. Love it!

We started out to the Ren Faire early Saturday morning. This is stop 1 to pick up our friend Eric and get some gas so we can head to the Faire!

Had to get my protein in and we were running late. Picked this up at the gas station and YUM! 13g of protein, 12 g of sugar, and only 210 calories. Good choice and will be getting more!

We did a lot at the Ren Faire, but this was my big "to do" for the day. I got to ride an elephant! It was one of the coolest experiences in my life. Definitely something that I celebrated with losing over 100 lbs!

On the left is a cute pic from one of our stops to see a show or two or three! On the right is my outfit for the day. Yes, I'm wearing cropped leggings and a tshirt and I felt totally skinny, comfortable, and was able to ride my elephant!!!!! I still can't believe I can wear leggings.

There was meat and A LOT of meat. Here is my huge turkey leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep it was good.

A picture of my adorable husband. Isn't he cute!!

We had a great day at the Faire, good friends, good fun, good food, and an elephant ride. Now it was time to celebrate Easter. The Easter bunny was good to me this year. Look below! (No I am not embarrassed about posting this because let's be honest this is one of the goals I had to celebrate
 this weight loss and here it is folks.....)

 The Easter Bunny knew I wanted something in a pink bag this year and helped me reach a goal! So I have practical, fun, cute, and Lissa wouln't have worn prior to surgery panties! Woohooooooo!

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