Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frustration Headaches

I've been having headaches on an off for the last month or so and they are always in the back of my neck and into my shoulders where I hold all of my anxiety. At first I thought they were related to just my anxiety, but even after massage and meds they wouldn't go away permanently. I haven't found a chiropractor here yet, so I can run over and be adjusted (that might help alot), but I'm stuck as to what could be causing it. I'm frustrated over the headache and the pain that I've been in off and on causing sleeping issues, irratability, and just plain ole grumpiness. So I went looking into what could cause it. First I thought anxiety and it could be an underlying cause. Then I thought it could be low blood sugar a because I wasn't eating enough. I catalogued my symptoms and thought well here are two more things it could be a) low B 12 or b) low sugar not enough carb intake. Well last night I ate some carbs - felt better and took some tylenol - viola! No more headache. This morning I took some B12 (i've been lax on my vitamins) and nothing helped...I dont' want to do caffeine and B12 with the I'm laid off the caffeine, but I wonder what is causing this mess. I'm hoping that eventually this pain, need stretching, can't get relief feeling will go away.


  1. Have you seen your doctor yet?? Sorry about the headaches... HoPefully they go away soon! How is your water intake too??

  2. I have not seen the doc yet, my water intake is awesome and I really think it is stress (financial, work, advising season), and battling the loss of my student. Stress really works by body over so I need to be concsious of it. Now that I've gotten some sleep, cried, and cuddled the headaches are less and less. I'm also working out my frustrations with cleaning and moving....we'll see.