Monday, March 26, 2012

I don't have Baby Fever

It seems like everyone I know is prego. Currently there are 7 in progress little wee ones on my facebook, 3 still squishy babies (born in the last 3 months), and 4 getting ready to be 1 year old in the summer. There is a lot of baby fever on my facebook page. Ironically, I don't have baby fever...I may have a smidge of baby envy, but not enough to run out and get prego. So many people are asking Justin and I "when????" and the answer is not now, we haven't planned for it, and if God blesses us with it ...then we will embrace it, but it is so very hard for other couples to understand why I don't want to get pregnant right now.

Unlike most of my post wls peeps, I didn't have wls with the hope of getting pregnant. I knew that for me once I had RNY that it was a choice a very intentional choice to not have kiddos for awhile. After our miscarriage and the ups and downs of adpatation post wls I didn't want to take the risk. For me it is a risk - yes, it would be a beautiufl risk, but it is a risk that has large spreading consequences like hormone treatment, coming off of anxiety and depression meds, and more....not something I want to go through and not something Justin and I want to go through as a couple right now. I don't think we would survive it. So what to do with this fever that has missed me?

Well, I am open for baby sitting - seriously let me give you a night out! I am open for activities you might not want to do like circus or ice skating and heck I'll even come to soccer games with snacks. I would love to enjoy my friendship with you and enjoy your kiddos too! I have been blessed with two beautiful step sons and many adopted college kids across the heart is full even if I don't have a crib in my house. I'm so excited for the bundles of joy to bless this world, the Bettis family just isn't ready to grow that way right now...unless it is a puppy and that my friends are in the works. So mom and dad - get ready for a can spoil as you want!

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  1. GrandPuppy!!! I love it! I gave my parents a grandpuppy first. Lots of people asked us when we would have kids and I just told them whenever. They didn't know that we were secretly trying and it just wasn't happening right away. I am one of the ones who had WLs for pregnancy but I totally get waiting and adjusting your body! At least you guys are making a conscience an responsible decision!!