Sunday, April 1, 2012

TMI Topic - Constipation

So I read it in the handouts, heard about it from friends, and even heard about the what if about "constipation" but that doesn't mean that I ever thought it would happen to me. It has been happened once in the first 6 months of post WLS surgery but now I'm 14 months out and it has happened a few times. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it is horrible when you don't have weight loss surgery, but this is miserable. I had to make the awkward  call to the surgeon's office going ok I have this problem - what do I do?!?!??! I'm happy that the nurse was so sweet (as always) and told me "hon it happens to everyone at some point - remember you don't eat worries here are my tips...." what a sweet and not awkward conversation after all.

So now I am armed with stool softeners to take each day to help everything move and I found out I was doing things right like eating my oatmeal, taking my prune a day, and focusing on my liquids. I was also relieved to know that sometimes the body needs help. Well another pill to my regime, but one that will hopefully make me feel better in the long run. I never thought I would ever be posting about this, but in all honesty this is part of the change of my life. This is an effect of the surgery and I've been real for over 300 posts why stop now!

A friend told me that I shouldn't be embarrassed...then she followed up with "I'm pregnant - can you imagine what I talk to my docs about....forget constipation, that was first trimester I'm now deal with hemorrhoids." I guess when you put things into perspective it makes sense and she made me smile all through this weird awkward turtle moment.

How do you prevent it? Any remedies your surgeon gave you? Do you take stool softeners? If so, which ones do you recommend?


  1. I experienced constipation too and now with pregnancy it is double trouble. I take two stool softeners a day with my vitamins because I am also on high dose iron which can make it worse. I just buy generic or whatever is on sale :)

  2. Thanks for the advice. I got the generic Kroger / Walmart brand and figured...anything has to be better than this! Isn't it crazy what we have to go through to feel good :-)

  3. I eat oatmeal or oatmeal squares cereal pretty much every day, and salad too, to give me some ruffage. When I had Paul, my ob/gyn recommended Miralax to help go potty post-delivery. I used it after Camille was born, too. It's a powder that you mix in a drink of your choice - I usually use juice. It definitely helps make things smoother! :-).