Friday, July 1, 2011

Skinny Clothes

Well I took the jump into smaller world of clothes tonight. I picked up a 4th of July shirt for the bbq on monday and I got a cute t-shirt from walmart in the smallest size shirt I've bought yet! I also took the plunge and invested into I'm calling my skinny clothes - aka compression garments. I picked up 2 tummy control tank tops for under shirts and dresses and I bought a pair of control shorts as well. I couldn't wait to try them on because 1) they were a size 18-20 and 2) I was excited to see the transformation of how I would look with a smoother shape. I put them on when I got home tonight and it is the first time in a very long while that I felt "sexy", yes you read that "sexy". I felt like a woman and I could see my shape and curves and I felt good about them. I put one of my old navy dresses on that is an XXL and with my skinny clothes it was horribly big (it was already on the big size but WOW!). It made me feel amazing. Best clothing purchase to date :-) YAY skinny clothes.

In a more fun note I will be working on my skinny cow shirt for the Chick Fil-A cow day next friday. My shirt is going to say "Skinny Cow" on the front with black splotches on my white shirt and I'm going to proudly state WLS patient on the back with a number 10 (like a jersey) for my surgery date! I'm pretty pumped :-)

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