Monday, May 23, 2011

Wanting Something But Not Having...

I'm not having the energy to work out. Yep, you read it. I want to but my energy is not there. My emotional exhaustion has caught up to the physical and this lady doesn't want a break down. I'm staying mobile, but i'm not jump starting my work out to where I am walking miles at any rate. It is frustrating especially since the weather is getting warmer and there will be a point where it will be too too hot so I am doing what I can to be mobile, move and groove, lift, walk, and stay up and not sedentary though I think I just need to get to the pool. If I can get into the water then I'll be working out and feeling good. I hate when the old part of my brain wins and in conjunction with my body...I lose. It isn't the best feeling in the world at all. I don't feel like a failure, just that I'm not doing enough.

On a more positive note, I made all of my supplements today and got a fair amount of liquid in. Time to fill up my reliable cup and sip sip sip in this hot weather. I'm thinking lemon lime water with some sweet and low is in order tomorrow. Water intake up and hopefully the energy level will help as well. On an odd note - there was no AC in my building today (some issue) and usually I would of been all kind of complaints, but other than being a bit stuffy, it was the perfect temperature. Smiles...weight loss is good.

I'm realizing with all of this ebb and flow in life is coming to the conclusion of balancing. What is balance? What is my balance...or better how do I balance? Do I do it? Nope. How can I do it better? What is out there to help me work and life balance better? Time for some thinking and regrouping. New habit time is on the outlook and its coming in the form of boundaries and some goal setting I think, but this is for a better me overall not just my WLS.

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