Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tummy Taking In .... What!

Well my tummy is having its own mind this weekend and has been very picky, though I'm glad I'm able to eat. Didn't make the best choice today with a trip to CiCi's Pizza, but it made hubs feel better and it isn't often I indulge his cravings. I can remember when the buffet and I were almost in a relationship, but today it was a bust and a happy bust at that. Though I have to admit I didn't do too too bad on my protein intake today and overall am closer to my back on track status.

Honestly I took the weekend to be selfish and take care of me emotionally. I didn't fly off the handle with food and I actually found comfort in my cooking. Brownies ended up amazing! They are very rich though, so it looks like they will stay in the recipe stash and I will be playing with the amount of cocoa that is added, but overall very yummy and hubby approved. That made me feel amazing! Tonight I threw together my crockpot favorite go to meal of chicken and dumplings. It is easy, its' fast, and it is a no brainer when it comes to cooking. Tomorrow I am going to add couscous for some extra protein and do whole wheat biscuits for that buttery like dumpling flavor; I also added a little paprika to the spices for a little something. My pinneapple chicken with udon noodles turned out well. I think the pinneapple chicken would go better with quinoa to be like a stir fry but in the crock pot. The udon noodles that I purchased from whole foods would actually work better for a pasta substitute for my pallet, so I think I might try a bruschetta pasta with a small steak this week.

This week I am using my pantry as my shopping grounds. I did so well at the grocery store this month that I have a ton of options and some will be used while hubs is away and I'm on duty. Definitely want to make orange lime shrimp stir fry, some yogurt oatmeal muffins, and I'll be making a philly cheese steak casserole recipe that I found off of one of my favorite WLS blogs. This week there will be variety, flavor, and a lot of fun cooking.

I did realize with all this cooking that is happening and the fun I am having cooking that I'm in need of a few things okay mainly one thing that would make this skinnier me very happy - a kitchen aid mixer. Maybe that will be my 100 lb marker present to myself or maybe my Dad will let me put it on the christmas list. Who knows, but if you want to gift me something the red kitchen aid standing mixer. Oh I got to have one! I am also in love with my pyrex. I'm so tired of stained tupperware or rubbermaid or any of that jazz and even with the stain free it still stains or gets icky. My pyrex feels like grown up tupperware and I love it! Definitely on the christmas list for my kitchen.

I think one of the other things that has really been making food a priority but in a good way is couponing. It is expensive to eat healthy and high protein so I've had to cut and save where I can and be able to provide options that are easy, inexpensive, creative, and not pre-made while accommodating my non WLS patient of a husband. Though I am finding a lot of sugar free things that he can eat and that he is starting to like. That makes me a proud wife and a proud shopper! I'm preparing for my big shopping trip June 1 and I'm armed with my food menus, coupons, and my store breakdown. I'm realizing now what I need to keep in the house on hand for menus items and quantities now after four months and I'm finding a happy balance. It has taken me a bit to figure it out, but I'm making it work. Some of the things that have changed are items that are canned that can be used in the crockpot, sugar free easy things like jello and jello pudding, and additives that make baking easier like sugar free torani syrups. I've got my pantry pretty stocked and I am a month ahead on some items that is helping me plan out meals and watch deals. Again, feeling like a good wife even when I'm eating less because food stretches further.

Tummy is taking its times going through the emotions I'm dealing with, but tummy is not going to keep me from working off all this yucky emotion that has been brought up. I actually had a dream about working out tonight, so my butt is getting to the REC center. I need to work off the anxiety, keep those heavy meds away, and get to my next goal weight of 225. Here I come!!!!! I want to prevent going back to old habits and get back on track of the ones that I am liking to pick up. Its a start. Its a re-think. Its a new life. First summer post weight loss and I want to enjoy it....and I'm definitely heading to the lake for a day this summer. Just have to pick out the weekend.

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