Friday, May 27, 2011

Mini Celebrations

TGIF! I'm so happy it's friday that I'm going to post about happy things and not think too deeply or let heavy things rest on my heart or head today.

So here is my list of mini celebrations:
1. I weighed in at 226 yesterday - 1 lb away from my goal and 2 lbs away from 70 total
2. I can now sit on my couch and my laptop fits on my lap = belly is shrinking!
3. I made all of my supplements this week!
4. Worked out yesterday and felt good
5. Made a new recipe and it was yum both to my tummy and tastebuds
6. Saved a lot of money in groceries and gas this month and I'm going to get to reveal the total soon!
7. Get to see my Dad next week.

YAY for the celebrations of the little things that make the bigger things and the things that are stressing a little bit more bearable. Here is till making it to pay day and waiting for things in the mail. All will work out and I am prayerfully being faithful in getting things accomplished.

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