Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meal Planning

I've been so excited to cook lately that meal planning is so much more fun! I have a ton of things rolling around in my head and it just gets me excited to think that I can cook and create new things with my own hands. It is totally crafting on a different level!!! I am excited that I've been given a new passion to be able to be excited about food, cooking, and creating a home for both me and my husband. My spirits are up and I want to keep them that way so I've thrown myself into my work [the wife section of work] this weekend. I've inventoried my pantry, done my coupon prep, waiting for the circulars to come out, and made the what I need list! Now its meal planning time!

Meals (or sides) for the upcoming weeks (that i'm thinking of)
1. beaf stew in the crock pot
2. homemade onion rings
3. pineapple chicken with quinoa
4. chicken kabobs on the george forman
5. chicken parmesan
6. chicken cacciatore in the crock pot

Right now these are just a few of my ideas that I'm throwing around. I'm excited to plan and see this come to fruition! Look at all the protein :-)

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