Saturday, May 21, 2011

Emotional Nausea

This is my follow up to emotional non-overeating part 2. Yep, I have not wanted to eat at all. My stomach has been in knots and my tummy doesn't want to eat. I've eaten where I can until last night where all I wanted was Popsicles. Yes I wanted popsicles, so I had a few sugar free popsicles, took my big anxiety medicine, and headed to bed. 13 hours later I awoke and I'm feeling better but I'm still nauseous.

Yes, nausea is accompanying my not wanting to eat much less overeat so here I am trying to recoup and get back to my schedule. I love my schedule and I had been doing so good, so its now just getting back to it. Today is my restart. I got up and put food in my crockpot. I thought I would try something new and get excited about eating again since food hasn't been the number one thing on my list. I will be eating pinneapple chicken tonight with udon noodles. I'm finding comfort in cooking today and being able to be creative. I love providing my tummy things I like to eat and I am finding that I do love to cook and make recipes convenient for me to eat. It is also a challenge to be able to make things that both my husband and I love but are sugar free. Sometimes the recipes turn out yummy sometimes they don't.

Today I made my first round of brownies from scratch that are sugar free. Yep, you read it correctly. The batter tasted pretty good and hubs gave the thumbs ups so here is hoping when they come out of the oven that they are pretty yummy. I'm feeling confident as last week my blueberry muffins came out awesome. Note I made the recipe off of the splenda website but I had to make some major alterations. Maybe this week one night I will post all of my recipes with the alterations. There are some great things I've been able to make, that are cheaper than buying the boxed item and adding water, it is just about being creative, trying things out, and hoping for the best. There are definite options and I'm finding I've done more cooking being a WLS patient then ever before! Kinda cool huh!So there is comfort in food even if I'm not stuffing my body full of it.

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