Friday, May 20, 2011

The Opposite of Emotional Eating

The past 48 hours have been riddled with emotion and stress. I'm not going to go into it as it isn't the focus of my blog, but I am finding that my eating habits have made a stiff change. Usually when I am emotional and stressed I go right to eat. I eat until I can't eat anymore and then I start again. Can't do that with my WLS so here I am facing a different issue. I'm not hungry. I'm not hungry at all. Food makes me feel like ewww. I don't want to eat, but alas I can't not eat. So I'm trying to eat some food and keep it down. I'm pretty thirsty so I'm going to try to drink drink drink today, but I'm really down in the dumps.

Emotions before my surgery effected me so differently, now is a 180 degree turn. So many things are different and I'm in one of the phases post WLS that I feel like everything is changing once again. I finally get settled back into a space and here I am changing. Life is change, but this is kind of ridiculous yet what I signed up for. Ironic it is, but so is my life.

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