Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things I Love Update

As my world is forever changing with gastric bypass, I have come across things that I love and that make my world a better place. Maybe you will find something on the list you want to try!

1. Liquid Iron - Since my gummy vitamins don't contain iron, I had to find an iron supplement that I can intake and stand at the same time (since it tastes metallic like)so I got this at Whole Foods yesterday to try it out. Overall it tastes like metallic apple juice and I have to brush my teeth right afterwards, but other than that we'll see how my iron levels do in 2 months. They aren't low but we are keeping them from getting there
2. Tylenol Rub - it is like a bengay type rub, but this one is so much better!!!! I've been having a hard time battling headaches with weather etc and I only can take Tylenol. Well Tylenol doesn't work that well on my aches and pains, so I have had to come up with some creative ways to help it out and Tylenol came out with a rub that works amazingly well especially on headaches.
3. Swimming - there are few exercises I look forward to, but swimming is one of them. I love to get in the water, water jog, do resistance training, and it is amazing how how my heart rate gets up easily. If I want to feel like I've worked out swimming is the key.
4. Popsicles - yes, plain old popsicles...I can't have ice cream but I love the chance to have a sweet treat and popsicles are lovely especially entering in to summer. I'm going to buy a set of molds to be able to make them with crystal light and other sugar free drinks. I think vitamin water might make some really great popsicles.
5. - I have been able to find some great local girls to do things with and to keep me active and not inside all the time. It is one of the coolest things I've done since I moved to the 'boro. I love getting out and about and I've started to make some friends. It is a really great thing and it is helping my weight loss. I love being able to be active and not in a gym, meeting new people is giving me more outlets, and I am able to find things to do when I'm bored!

Hope you enjoy the list!

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