Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just A Moment

For just a moment today I was just "me" and there were no adjectives. It happened between the Savannah loop and the Bamboo Trail at the Nashville Zoo. I was walking and shooting photos enjoying the day and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I am on a beautiful overcast day in Nashville and I'm walking at the zoo. It doesn't hurt to move or walk hills. I am not huffing and puffing and I can crouch and stand on my tip toes and get the shot I want or see the animals I want. I remember not 2 1/2 years ago a trip to a zoo in Omaha with Justin where I had to stop and sit every 10 min. I could barely walk the hill at the beginning of the zoo much less after an hour on my feet, but today was better it was so much better. I walked where I wanted and I didn't take a break to sit. There was no need. I bent and crouched to get shots and I felt good. I walked slowly and briskly and I walked the entire zoo by myself feeling great. It was a breath of fresh air to not stop every ten feet or 20 or so minutes. There was a new me in that moment. A me where I felt empowered about just then a moment special to me.

I then headed out for some retail therapy and some me time. I got a back massage and it felt great. I needed to work out all of the stress and built up anxiety over the last 3 weeks. Totally worth the 25 bucks. Much needed for me and made me very happy. I got a new pair of sandals for the summer and now I can get rid of all my shoes that don't fit. Who would of thought I would of been down to 3 pairs of shoes...not me, but nonetheless I now have shoes that fit! I stopped and bought myself a bracelet at Things Remembered that says "Expect Miracles Every Day" and I had my surgery date inscribed on it. I wanted to some up my day today and this piece of jewelry that I bought, will be around with me for the next chapter in my WLS journey. I wanted something to remind me when things get tough or when things go amazing...This date was beautiful and full of hope. I want to look down and see my bracelet and know that today I can expect miracles to happen today...tomorrow...and then the next day!

I stopped by Whole Foods in Franklin and found world of good things for food!!!! First off I found quinoa pasta in both shell and spaghetti noodle form. I'm so stoked. I can have italian again just in my own way...big huge smiles. I picked up some Israeli couscous for some different flavor and base to some dishes and udon noodles for stir fry. I found chicken sausage that is flavored with apple pieces and got a 1/4 lb buffalo meat to try because it is much leaner than ground beef. I found some high protein butter nut squash quiche and then got a few supplements. I finally found a liquid version of iron and though expensive, it come highly recommended. I purchased some peppermint oil to help with nausea which I am pretty stoked about. I really want to have a non-medicinal remedy for my usage. Today I found out that I can put the oil in lotion etc and rub it into my temples or on my stomach and it will help the nausea. I have read a lot about it and finally broke down some to try it. Whole foods was an amazing trip for me and though it was a little more expensive, I know what I bought today will last for awhile and I will have more options for food too! Yay for whole foods...can't wait to take hubs back.

Now I am back home. I had a great me day even with my retail therapy !!! I need to focus on me more and I've been neglecting myself. So I listened to my body, I took some time. I actually relaxed, and now I've got a spark to do some crafting, finish up my homework for the week....and get back to being a little more myself and a little less stressed.

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